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Extra list and foreign jutsu list to be applied to Gou taking Doton.
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Matsuruki Hikaru will take the Metal list.

Kana Edit: No you won't. You haven't been here long enough and even if you had, all requests go through Merdle.
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I'm posting to say I want to use this gift, but right now I don't know what.

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[Katon] Ryuujin-Fu Nin/Tai Hybrid List for the Heroic Akino of Amegakure.

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I sent off my request for a list some months ago, and I just checked about to see what was going on and realized Merdle hasn't logged in in several months. On one hand, is someone else handling requests?

On the other, does anyone know if Merdle is okay?

edit: Talked to WoF about an upcoming Mist ninja w/ Raiton. (1/1/14)
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I just realized I haven't done this yet. Claiming my freebie list, just not using it yet on account of my characters still having open space for their lists.
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Ok. Approved for Aramaki Tenzan; he's taking the Doton Ninjutsu as his extra list.

I'm also using Tenzan's extra list to take Celestial Gates. Yay.

AP spending will come later.

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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I'd like to claim my list too if that's ok.
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Tetsumi will be getting my extra list, as well as village permission to get the Sand Genjutsu. No edits to make as of yet!
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Son Hijikata
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Claim and holding for now.
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