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Will of Fire
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For all of you planning to take those lists from other villages... you will still need to come up with a reasonable explanation for why your character has those foreign jutsu. Make sure you keep that in mind. I will not be editing any character sheets with new lists without reasonable explanation. No character will be given Leaf lists without it. I personally feel that it's more fun to incorporate it into your roleplays, but there are other methods, too.

Anyway, keep it in mind. Carry on!

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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[R E D A C T E D]
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Giving Iwao the extra list.

Not sure who is getting sooper spechal other village ninjutsu, though. Toshiko and Smoke Ninjutsu (probably)!

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Will of Fire
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Hyuuga Kiyoko will be taking Raiton.

The transformation to Azula is nearly complete!

...minus the obvious psychotic rage, that is.

Edit because I can't count: The extra list will go to Nara Hitomi. She is well on her way to becoming the ultimate troll.

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.

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Freak Nerdist
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Oh, I forgot to mention this. Since Yoshi really doesn't *need* that extra list to fill that village slot, I am going to be using that on my other sand nin, Kenta. He's in the registry right now, but I will link and put a note to this post that he will be able to have 6 slots vs. the 5 allotted to chuunin. :P

*repeat, Yoshi still has Grass Apothecary, but is staying at the 7 jounin list slot limit.*

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The village list is going to Masuyo, and the extra list is going to Yui.
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Alrighty then. Approval for Toshimi to take Hidden Mist Ninjutsu for her extra village list has been granted.
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Zillch, thank you very much!

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Tenrin Anko
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I am new and reading this so basically , when i make a new character i can give him 1 list from a foreign nation ... and i need a story to explain why he has foreign jutsu to begin with
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Not quite. The foreign list is for those who joined before march 2010, but you can make a new character with an extra list all together either from the village that character is from or the universal lists (there are a ton!)
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