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Default Between Sky Blue & the Darkest of Greens

Sajime Sahori
Shichou Amane

Between Sky Blue and the Darkest of Greens

Originally Posted by Earth Country Information
Sumiko City

Crime, decadence, and an extreme gap between the wealthy and poor can accurately describe Sumiko. On the surface, Sumiko is beautiful. Lovely waterfalls and a flowing river at the east of Sumiko brings down trade and food, a small forest at the edge of the mountains provide beauty, and the buildings of the city itself can be considered quaint. The buildings are made of the most cared for and treated lumber, giving the city a picture of romanticism.

However, Sumiko is also home to some of the most vicious gangs and criminal factions in Earth Country. There are at least two known mafia groups within Sumiko, and a suspected three more, though all parties involved claim to be innocent. Dozens of petty gangs litter the streets, terrorizing the citizens who wish to live nothing but peaceful lives. The police force within the city is corrupted as well, paid off by the mafia heads to allow their black market business to prosper. If there is anything illegal to be found, it is most likely within Sumiko City.

Politically, Sumiko is ignored. It is the outcast, the prodigal son, the black sheep of the flock, and it carefully ignored by officials and shinobi alike. Indeed, at times the shinobi are even hired by people within Sumiko who wish an unfortunate accident on each other. After all, business is business. It is a cesspool of crime, and many within Earth would support the idea of wiping Sumiko off the map. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the city, and so Sumiko just sits there.
“If I had known you two girls had come as one, I wouldn’t have bothered hiring the discount shinobi from the south.”

“It was foolish to hire foreign help when you’ve already recruited the finest Iwagakure has to offer.”

“Maybe, but it helps to double down on your investments here in Sumiko. I didn’t mean it as a slight against your brand. After all, Iwagakure has been taking on a lot of work at surprising rates, lately. Trying to make up for that earthquake in Jondori?”

“Whenever Earth Country suffers tragedy, Iwagakure will be there to protect and nurture the people affected...even if that means accepting less than market rate.”

“Won’t even drop the P.R. routine when you’re face to face with a conman? You ninja types can even make a evil old man like me feel sick.”

“I assure you, the feeling is mutual.”

The CEO of the textile company barked out a mad laugh, leaning back to rest his crossed hands on his fat belly, the leather chair squeaking under his weight. He wore a gaijin-style business suit, in stark contrast to the two girls across from his desk. One, who hadn’t said a word, rested her back against the wall with her arms crossed. Her miko’s uniform was centuries out of date – Byakko, a divinity posing as a mere mortal while she trained the shinobi that was bargaining with the devil. Said shinobi was Sajime Sahori, a beautiful example of class and discipline, her standard jounin attire a red and clay clash to the imposing, dark office – all this modern flair was meant to impress business partners, but it reminded Sahori of her company back home, an aged tradition that grew stronger each year.

“Still, I was surprised when Iwagakure answered our low-ball offer. You know, if you had held out, we would have easily offered twice that rate.”

“You’ve chosen an interesting time to make simple espionage requests, Takeda-san. The Yellow Army is particularly interested in maintaining solidarity during these troubling times. If we couldn’t manage a simple mission like this one, it would reflect poorly on our soldiers. As for this southerner?”

“Oh, right, right. Did you know that gods-forsaken country of Rain has a little nesting problem of shinobi rats, hiding away in the shit and mud? Well, they’ll crawl out like little hungry cockroaches at the first sniff of money. Desperate to make their mark on the world, maybe.”


“Right, right. Well, I hired a little C-list nobody from them, too. My target has eyes on cornering the market down in the Rain Country, so I thought it only prudent to hire a native to assist you on this little venture.”

“That doesn’t sound like a complete waste of your resources, but I assure you, I can - -”

“Look, I get it, nobility and honor, but I need to make sure I get this package before it goes hot, do you understand? So swallow that little pride of yours and accept the local’s assistance on my dime.”

“Fine. Where’s the ninja?”

“I’ll have one of my boys show you to the courtyard. Feel free to partake of the wine and food, I’m sure you ninja don’t like to leave before nightfall, anyway.”

“You’re very generous, Takeda-san, but I don’t make a habit of drinking in Sumiko.”

“Ha, haha! I don’t blame you, a pretty face like yours.”

- - -

“No, we can’t kill him,” Sahori said begrudgingly, as if she didn’t believe it herself. “A client is a client. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to work for some fat old leech.”

The two girls walked in stride to the courtyard, next to a pale-faced yakuza with a fresh series of cuts across his face, like he had been struck by an angry cat. The miko was mumbling to herself, looking down at her nails. “You’re far too forgiving, Sasa-hime.”

“If we kill these guys, there’s no job. No job means no pay. ...and I have a reputation to uphold.”

Byakko blew at her nails and glared up across the courtyard, populated by waitstaff and gangsters in various states of relaxation. There, alone and across from them, was a boy that couldn’t be more than fifteen years old, looking terribly out of place – well, at least as out of place as the two women did.

“Are you the agent from Rain?” Sahori called out, her cheeks flushing a shade of pink as she raised her voice. “The discount shinobi?”
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