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A breath whistled out of Wisp’s mouth, a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding since before falling into the waterfall. Granted if he’d accidentally killed the genin he would have just blamed the mercs but, you know, he might have felt a little bit bad about it, wouldn’t he?

Wisp coughed out some cave water and stood on two wobbling feet, skipping any apology. Compared to when he'd left the genin Wisp must look like a bum now. At least his kept his sandals and pants on this whole time. “There’s a few dozen angry horseman above us and maybe a hundred more angry men blocking the way out. Sorry I’m not as proficient at murder as Kohona’s premier bloodline.” The boy’s tone wasn’t accusatory- he actually sounded contrite at his performance that evening. “Sticking around any longer would be stupid.”

“Which way did our prize escape too?”
He held out a little hope. If she’d run for the exit she’d be blocked by the landslide he caused earlier. Otherwise he wasn’t interested in pursuit. He valued his own blood far more than some green checkmark on his mission log. “I don’t suppose you can shunshin can- yeah, nevermind. Let’s get out of here.”


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"Down the river," Yuu responded, practically pouting. He thanked Moriko for her service and she offered a polite bow before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. "I guess she planned to swim to safety. Maybe has portable air of some type"

Yuu let out a heavy sigh and set himself to recovering as many of his thrown projectiles as he could, stopping to perform a mercy killing when appropriate--some of these guys were still bleeding out. His eyes weren't focused on his task at hand, however, having grown cold and systematic when it came to killing the stragglers. A few months ago, this whole situation would have horrified him. Now, it was just a fact of life.

As he finished packing his things away, he found Wisp's cloak--damaged from the battle--and held it out towards him. "This thing saved me, by the way."

He tilted his heard towards the darker parts of the cavern, where the water washed away. "I'll use my Byakugan and find us a way out wherever it washes out. Besides, might be able to get some sort of trail on the rival that stole the eye."

And he did get them out of there--but as they spit out miles away from their mission extraction point, there was no sign of the goggled woman or Kannon's eye. Sun was cresting over the dunes, and the wind had already destroyed any trace that she had been there. Defeated, Yuu and Wisp limped home.
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