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Default Returning(ish?) User

Even though I already introduced myself on the Discord, I figured I'd make a post here.

Hello! I'm Snipe, and I first found out about Engi the same way I imagined a lot of people did, being twelve years old and having a Naruto phase. This was probably 2005 or so. No, I'm not going to say who I was back then... mostly because I forgot my old handle. Needless to say, I wasn't on long (being a young middle schooler with exactly the sort of dedication that one would expect) but the site stuck in my subconscious while I moved on to other roleplay communities and improved (at least, that's according to the not-anxiety-riddled parts of my brain.)

Anyway, I figured I'd come back since the itch to do so has been simmering in me for a while and, honestly, I'm kind of terrible at writing combat scenes. This place seems like a good one to work on that.

Currently, I'm going through all I can in the RP handbook & rules and whatnot, but I feel like my eyes are bigger than my stomach in terms of figuring out what sort of character to make... @_@ So, if anyone wants to give any input on what would be the best to first sink your teeth into, I'm more than happy to hear your opinions!

Outside of roleplay, I'm a student who spends a lot of time listening to podcasts and watching anime(duh). I'm also a crafter, with a skill in knitting and an interest in woodcarving.
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u havin a giggle m8
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Hello/Welcome back/whatever! The handbook looks intimating but don't worry about it too much, we aren't going to ban you because you break some character creation rules or anything. Just be patient and we'll work with you to smooth everything out so you can get to the RP.

If you're looking to make a genin, Sand is likely your best bet. There is a healthy genin community there so you'll be able to find threads without too much trouble. If you're looking to RP a stronger character I'd recommend a chuunin because they are easy to create and you're allowed more leeway with your biography. Jounin are the most powerful characters you can have at creation (sans sennin, which aren't open right now) and as a result they are the hardest characters to get approved. Some new people have gotten jounin approved as a first character, but you'll have to work closely with the village GMs to ensure it's a high quality effort.

The discord exists to make communication easier so don't hesitate to bug folks for help!
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Thanks for the response!

Narrowing down the village definitely helps take away some of the intimidation. I'm planning a Genin first, so Sand sounds like the best place to start reading up. Now to figure out everything else. Time to read absolutely everything in my path until I have some shred of an idea of what I'm doing.

(So uh, any people with Sand peeps seeing this thread, umm... PM me, maybe? If you want?)
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Fusion Admin
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Sand is definitely the place for genin at the moment.

But since you are on the discord, that and the find a team forum are good places to go hunting for folks for a thread.
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