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Default Hiya!

Sooooo my name is Tydie and I suck at introductions but bear with me XD I've been searching for another RP site to join for a little over a month, as my last site that I was a part of for 4 years slowly changed into a forum I no longer recognize. Or maybe my preferences changed, who knows? In any case, this site seems super interesting so far and i'm excited to see what Engi has to offer in terms of RP.

I do have quite a few questions to ask, and from reading around the stickies apparently a GM should be popping in to help me out at some point? If so, my first and most important question is super simple, and we can go from there... Do you guys have a chatbox or some chat program that you use for quick communication between RPers? If so, i'd love to find that so I can carry on conversation XD

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Found the discord link XD my bad
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