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Originally Posted by merdle View Post
Beastmaster pets are effectively domesticated ninjas. Taking something you can barely control and trying to teach it to be a ninja pet would probably end in tears.
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The Hunting Grounds: “A rich green meadow where the grass is splashed red with blood and littered with the bones of innumerable prey. I walked this area with trepidation, not confident in what I would find. The sun bleached bones of long dead animals were everywhere, too many too count. And the stories of the men who hired me were enough to keep me wary in this unusual land. We started across this long stretch of coverless plain and I felt the sneaking feeling that we were being watched. Hours passed and we still only saw the occasional beast pass far in the distance, I heard a rustling behind me and quickly turned but all I saw was a blur and the beast was on me, his massive weight pinning me to the ground. The men who hired me bolted and ran ‘those useless cowards’. Fortune was with me however, with one arm free I grabbed my blade and slashed wildly at the shadow pressing down on me. Barely able to fend off its snapping jaws, I felt warm sticky fluid splash in my face as the beast above grew slack. I pushed it off me and took a closer look; it was a massive catlike beast. It had 2 sets of front paws and was shifting colors rapidly as its own blood pooled around it. Upon closer inspection it looked frail, weak even. If this was not one of the primary hunters of this land, this isle was definitely going to be interesting” -Excerpt from the Journal of Grand Hunter Juju.
I know my writing may suck. I have not had to do any for a long time haha. But i would like to add anything i can to this new isle. Let me know what you think i got quite a few more ideas.
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This gets me so excited, I wanna get my character done! Lol
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So is this still happening? Can I help?
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If so I still have a map drawn in the engi style somewhere that I made specifically for this purpose


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Perhaps we should not immediately start dropping content, but...

If there's anything anyone can do, I am sure you will share that, right?

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All other things aside, Bakemono no Shima is closer to completion that you guys might guess. While it's been a while since word has last been heard about this, we don't really need help right now.
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