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Default How to register a character on Engi

Registering a character on Engi

To register a character you will need to create a thread in the character registration forum, using the template available here. In this thread, we go through each section of the character sheet to help you complete it.

Table of Contents:

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Default Part I: Basic character Information

Part I: Basic character information

This should be the most straightforward part of character creation. It only involves filling in details about your character.

Name: The name of your character. Since we follow the Japanese format, family name will come first, then first name.
Age: Your character’s age.
Sex: Male or female
Height: Most people use feet and inches but if you’re comfortable with the metric system, go for it.

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: The country and village your character is from. For example, your character can be from the Fire Country and the Hidden Leaf Village. You can read more about the different villages in this forum to get a better idea of which one to pick.
Rank: You can pick any rank between Genin, Chuunin and Jounin.
Division: The division of your character will usually depend on the village you chose. Think of a character’s division as his job or specialisation. For instance, he can be a Team Sensei, an Academy teacher or a scout. If you’re unsure about this, it’s better to leave it blank and have someone who knows best suggest which one to take.

Physical Description: This should be a detailed description of how your character looks like. You should, among other things, mention his hair colour, hair style, eye colour and any other striking features e.g. crooked nose, visible scars.

Clothing: This should be a description of the type of clothing your character wears during the course of his duty e.g. wearing the flak jacket, sandals, holster, forehead protector (if any).

Personality: Arguably one of the most important parts of the sheet. Good characters usually have detailed personalities; it shows to those approving that he or she isn’t one dimensional and will do well during role play.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Briefly describe your characters nindo, what it is they believe to be most important which they live by day to day

Clan/Bloodline: If this is your first character, it is recommended that you got for a regular character at first, but if you absolutely must, you will find the clan and bloodline information in this subforum. Be sure to check whether there are open spots first here.
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Default Part II.i: Archetypes and Statistics

Part II.i: Archetypes and Statistics

This is, for many, the most challenging part of the character creation process. However, once you get the hang of it, you will find that it will come naturally to you after the first time.

The first step is to choose your archetype(s). This choice will generally affect where your character’s focus is i.e. whether his physical stats, chakra stats or mental stats are better. This will in turn affect which type of techniques your character can use: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Each archetype also has a special bonus coming with it.

You will find a list of all the archetypes here.

Primary Archetype: Choose your primary archetype. This will determine how your stat blocks are arranged. For example, if you picked the Genjutsu Specialist archetype, your primary block will be Mental, your secondary block Chakra and your tertiary block Physical.
Secondary Archetype: You don’t need to choose a secondary archetype but sometimes it can help. A secondary archetype comes with its stat merits and stat flaws but you do not get the archetype special.

Combo Archetype: Instead of picking a primary archetype and a secondary archetype, you also have the choice of choosing a Combo archetype. The list of available combo archetypes and how they work can be found here.

The next step is to assign statistics. First a quick summary about character stats: there are 3 blocks – physical, mental and chakra. As mentioned before, your archetype determines which blocks are Primary, Secondary or Tertiary.

Physical block consists of 3 statistics – strength, speed and stamina. Mental consists of intelligence, tactics and willpower. Chakra consists of power, control and reserves. The number of stats you have determine what techniques your character can use. Don’t panic if you still don’t get it; we will include an example to help you visualise this.

Before any additional stats are assigned, you will notice that each character has a base value of 1 in each stat, as show below.



Strength: 1
Speed: 1
Stamina: 1


Intelligence: 1
Tactics: 1
Willpower: 1


Power: 1
Control: 1
Reserves: 1
Obviously, you’re not going to start with only 1 point in each statistics. You are given a certain number of points at character creation and you can assign them to your statistics.

Distributing statistics points:

1) Archetype merits and flaws
You will notice that every archetype has stat merits and stat flaws. You will add the merits to the corresponding statistic and subtract the flaws from the corresponding stat.

2) Pool points
You are given a certain number of pool points to assign to your stats at creation. The number of points you get depends on the rank of your character.
Genin are given:
  • 10 points to assign to their primary block stats
  • 8 points to assign to their secondary block stats
  • 6 points to assign to their tertiary block stats
Chuunin are given:
  • 30 points to assign to their primary block stats
  • 27 points to assign to their secondary block stats
  • 24 points to assign to their tertiary block stats
Jounin are given:
  • 60 points to assign to their primary block stats
  • 50 points to assign to their secondary block stats
  • 40 points to assign to their tertiary block stats

Quick Example: Consider this scenario where your Genin’s primary block is physical: He thus has 10 points to assign to Speed, Strength or Stamina in any way he likes e.g. +2 to Speed, +5 to Strength and + 3 to Stamina. A more detailed explanation on how to assign stats can be found here.

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Default Part II.ii: Jutsu/Technique and Inventory

Part II.ii: Jutsu/Technique and Inventory

Now that you have assigned your stats, you can choose your jutsu from the large database we have. Note that there are universal jutsu which can be taken by anyone and village specific jutsu. Meaning, if you’re from the Mist village, you are allowed to choose the Mist techniques. The village specific jutsu are found here:
- Leaf jutsu
- Mist jutsu
- Sand jutsu
- Stone jutsu
- Cloud jutsu
- Grass jutsu
- Sound jutsu
- Rain jutsu

Depending on their ranks, characters are allowed to have a maximum number of jutsu lists:
  • Genin can have a maximum of 4 lists
  • Chuunin can have a maximum of 5 lists
  • Jounin can have a maximum of 7 lists.

You will notice that in every list, techniques have stat requirements. Obviously, in order to use these techniques, you will need to have the appropriate statistics (which is why we assigned stats earlier).

You will also notice that each list is divided into stages, starting with Stage One and finishing at Stage Seven (sometimes Stage Eight). In order to advance to the next stage, you need at least one jutsu from the previous stage. For example, you cannot pick a Stage 1 technique from the Sand list and then jump straight to choose a Stage 3 technique. You need a Stage 2 technique first.

With this in mind, you can now start to choose your character’s jutsu. At character creation:
  • Genin can choose 7 jutsu
  • Chuunin can choose 12 jutsu
  • Jounin can choose 18 jutsu

Each jutsu you choose costs 1 jutsu point.
- If your character's TERTIARY block is PHYSICAL, one Stage of a Taijutsu list (those which give bonuses to physical stats e.g. Gouken) costs TWO jutsu points instead. Special techniques from those lists still cost ONE jutsu point.
An example is provided here.

- If your character's SECONDARY block is PHYSICAL, one Stage of a Taijutsu list (those which give bonuses to physical stats e.g. Gouken) still costs ONE jutsu point. However, if you decide to take a SECOND Taijutsu list, each stage of that list costs TWO jutsu points instead. Special techniques from those lists still cost ONE jutsu point.
For convenience's sake, we will ask you to format your techniques in a particular way. Provide a link to the list you're taking with the heading, and only list the names of the techniques below (requirements and stages are welcome); you do not need to include the descriptions.

For example a sheet would look like this:
- Stage One (Speed 4, Strength 4)
- Stage Two (Speed 7, Strength 7, Tactics 6)
- Stage Three (Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactics 8)

Global Ninjutsu:
Stage 1
- Henge no Jutsu (Power 3, Willpower 2)
Stage 2
- Kinobori / Kabenobori no Jutsu (Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)
Stage 3
- Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8)
- Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8)

Sand Genjutsu:
Stage 1
- Suna Arashi no Odokemono (Willpower 2, Power 2)
Stage 2
- Mougo Shibaku no Jutsu (Reserves 6, Power 5, Intelligence 5)

Wind Ninjutsu:
Stage 1
- Fuuton: Kaze Bunshin (Control 2, Intelligence 2)
Stage 2
- Fuuton: Okuridashi Kaze (Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5)
- Kaze Kawarimi (Control 7, Power 7, Willpower 6)
Stage 3
- Fuuton: Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6)
- Fuuton: Kaze no Yoroi (Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Power 7)


After all this trouble with the stats and jutsu, you'll find that inventory is easy to understand.
Every character starts with 8 weapon points. You are free to use those weapon points as you see fit, choosing from the list of weapons and items here.
Weapon Points Remaining: Easy enough. This is how many points you have left after buying items/weapons.

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Default Part III: Character biography and Writing Example

Part III: Character biography and Writing Example

Biography: As the name suggests, this is where you write about your character’s biography. Most use a chronological order format when they write their story but you are not restricted by that. It can either be in first or third person. It must however be in prose form (not bullet points) and it must be at least 500 words long.

While a detailed biography is usually a good thing, keep in mind that leaving some information undisclosed can make for good surprises during role play.

Most GMs will want you to write about the important events which happened in the village's history and how these events affected/influenced your character. Including this sort of information usually goes a long way to showing that you're interested in the village and want to participate in future plots, so it is in your best interest to do so.

Writing Example: This is only necessary if this is your first character. The purpose of a writing example is to show that you can write. Or rather, it is to give an idea on how you will write your future posts in role play. We suggest writing a very brief piece (~300 words) including some dialogue, thoughts and maybe some actions.

Other Info:
Any other trivial info you may want to mention about your character e.g. hobbies, favourite music genre, etc.

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