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Default Shinobi Exchange Program

In very few words, here is the gist of all this.

It will now be possible for characters to go on ‘exchange’ in a different village. Note that this is only an opportunity and not a right, which means that you may or may not qualify for this.


- Any character (except Missing-nin, of course) are potentially eligible for this program.
- If you’re interested, it would be advisable to first contact your local GM. e.g. if you have a Grass character and want to go in a foreign village, you should contact Merdle.
- Make sure you think of a plausible IC reason for the temporary stay in the foreign village. It will help your chances of getting accepted. It goes without saying that an OCC reason like ‘Because I like their jutsu’ will be met negatively.
- Once you’ve ironed out details with the local GM, the GM of the other country will consider it. On that note, when choosing which village you want to go to, it would be wise to consider the relations between villages. A shinobi from a hostile nation will certainly not be welcome.
- If you are accepted, you can stay in the foreign village for a maximum of three threads.

Learning jutsu from other villages:

- You will be able to learn jutsu from other villages’ lists if you obtain the relevant GM approval
- You can only use thread points to gain jutsu i.e. no GMAP or AP.
- You can only learn one jutsu per thread i.e. bookworm archetype does not apply here
- You can only learn jutsu from a village during the course of the exchange program. Once you go back to your village, you cannot learn jutsu from that list anymore.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.
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Relating to learning foreign jutsu, can you swap jutsu into foreign lists after your character's return?
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making a swap for a list is the same as learning a jutsu from a list.

Which means the answer is no.
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