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Default [Sign Up] Sound shinobi and Allies for Arc Climax

Hey Everybody!

The Otokage has put out a call. Sound is about to enter a battle against the Mercenary city of Atama, and they need everyone's help.

This thread is for any Sound, Cloud, Stone, or Rain shinobi that want to help in these crucial moments.

If there is a character you plan to be working with, put them together in the same post. You will be given a thread synopsis in a PM.

This climactic battle will end the mini-arc that is Atama City.

You'll know the event has really started when the fireworks begin. Even if no one decides to volunteer and do threads, I will eventually finish slow-rolling the battle out over some plot posts. So get in while the getting is hot!

Anyone who does a Climax related thread will get 1GMAP on top of their thread points.

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Sajime Sahori will assist Seyo Sengo for this mission.

update: Sahori has paired off with Sengo.
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¤Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
¤Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
¤Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
¤Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
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Rain nin Mitsuya Koetsu will participate... open to teammate offers.
Rain GM

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Kuma will answer the call. Someone has to keep Seijuu Sanosuke alive. (That’s kyz and buko teaming up)

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I’ll sign up Seijuu Fuzen if he’s approved in time. If not, I’ll use Maeda Kazuhiko.

[Bass edit] As discussed in chat, Hana will be joining Wess’ team. Just putting it here too for Merd’s convenience
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