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Default The Brigade wants you!

But the real question is do you want the Brigade?

The Brigade of Light

Hi, I'm Sleepy or Common depending on when you knew me. Also known as the "Comeback Kid", not because of any great achievement, but just because I keep coming back to Engi. Can't get rid of me. Anyway, I have an Organization now. That's weird, huh? Let's see if this lasts longer than a day! Again anyway, this org is looking for players to join it. Do you have a masterless Ronin who is looking for a cause that is just and right? Do you have a lonely Miko wandering this world alone looking for ways to help it be good? Do you have a Non-Shinobi who has nothing better to do than be rereg into a Ronin/Miko?

Then this is the place for you!

It really is because The Brigade of Light welcomes all from the Lowliest Non-Shinobi, to the Loneliest Ronin, to the Holiest Miko.

Now, I know what you're wondering. "Sleepy/Common you've never GM'd a thing in your life, why should we join your org?" Well my dear friend, that's where you're wrong! I'll have you know I once GM'd a Dungeons and Dragon's 5th edition game! But, yeah, never really done anything like this before. I'll let you know that I do plan on making some missions, though I know most of the people here are more creative than me so if you'd like feel free to make your own! Or, if you'd like to play with Shinobi then feel free to!

There are rewards of course. Well, there will be once I start get AP payment for the clan. Once that starts rolling in then the first and second Brigade member to finish a "mission" thread will be awarded the AP.

Boy this is a long winded post for what is essentially every other recruitment thread on the board! Let's be real right now, you either already are interested in this or you don't care. So let me know in the comments below and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel, it really helps the community grow.

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Sleepy, I believe in you!

You can count my Miko Sennin in, of course! Reiha will likely be a strong supporter of militarization - somewhat uncommon of a Miko. A Miko Princess, at that! Escandelo!!
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