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Default [Signup] The Prophecy Of Calamity Mountain


There's trouble. One of the greatest oracles of our age has prophesied the coming of a great darkness, and champions that can push that darkness back. An important moment in time is coming, beyond which no seer can foresee, unknown except for this piece of prophecy.

The pieces of an ancient, shattered sword must be reforged. But not just anyone will do; this is not a matter of mercenary work. This is a matter of prophecy, of fate. No one but those Heaven has selected can save the world. Are you among them?

Interested players need only sign up for the arc here. They may only select one character, but there are no other limitations on what manner of characters they pick. Fate pays little heed to the difference between the fresh-faced child and the living legend.

The Prophecy Of Calamity Mountain is a story of magic. Of light, darkness, and corruption. If this interests you, please sign up to take part in Engi's new global arc.

After signing up, the player will be asked a few questions about their selected character in a private survey. Once they answer this survey, they will be added to the arc roster.
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Hashimoto Daisuke's gotta learn Miko: Deny somehow! And also save the world I guess.


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Did someone say weird dark mysticism from a bygone era? Aizawa Shipori reporting for sennin arc.
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Kaori is going full in on this beez, bruh
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Ihara Hayate
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...Sometimes even the meekest have to stare at the darkness, I guess. I sign-up Takeshi Sakuragi.
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No doubt in my mind that

Len Sosu would attempt to make history
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You know what? I don't see a single Genin here. What the hell guys?

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Takeo definitely has something to prove and possibly more things to learn.
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