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I will but considering that I am the only one going for Saboteur it is kinda moot. But, whatever, I am keeping my Rintintin either way.

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I will more then likely make him a chuunin if I dont get the soldier of fortune spot
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It's a toss up, don't know how much there will be to do while the rest of the group runs around. Do like her concept tho, so we'll see.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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So I'm gonna throw my hat in for one of the sensei positions with Ueno Daichi. Foreign sensei is here for you, children.
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My dustling is finished if you're interested in looking them over or giving them a mention.
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I think I'm more interested in a chuunin so I'm going to be bowing out of this one
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So for the sake of organizing and consolidating a bit (and not searching around for sheets)

It seems that most of the genin are cutting down and finding their place. Also, I'm going based on the title that is listed on the sheet or in the bio.

Kaleidoscope of Dawn:
Merdle - Obama Hiryo (In Unfinished)

Telescope of Dusk:
Kyzuko - Arechihana Sasori (In Unfinished)

Aficionado of Mirage:
Seikon - Ishikawa Eiko (In Registry)

Alchemist of Stars:
Sleepynin - Ogiwara Etsuya
Masked_One - Sonozaki Mai

Soldier of Fortune:
Nan_Wu - Tsuriau Shu Ji (Not yet posted)
Geisha - Arechihana Rika (In Registry)

Dealer of Hope:
Sinnocent - Kyuukai Aikiko (In Unfinished)

Ace of Swords:
Kana - Yuudai (In Unfinished)

Emissary of Dust:
Kaen - Kinsha (In Registry)

The Saboteur:
Bukowski - Renchishin Takai

Sensei Candidates:
Virtual Dream - ??? (Not yet posted)
Nomics - ??? (Not yet posted)
Calibur - Kansei Tanryoku (Previously approved)
Jami - Ueno Daichi (Previously approved)
Seikon - Hashimoto Daisuke (If needed?, Previously approved)
Kana - Hakkenshi Masahiro (Previously approved)

(Only posting up bio outcomes for those who only have one person going for the spot or mentioned)

Saboteur goes over Aficionado of Mirage. Saboteur moves on! (From what I gathered, Eiko refuses to fight and walks off)

Saboteur jobs out to Kaleidoscope of Dawn. Kaleidoscope of Dawn advances! (Takai got distracted and didn't hear the bell, becoming a pretty easy take out for Hiryo)

Ace of Blades upsets Alchemist of Stars. Ace of Blades heads into the semifinals!

Soldier of Fortune pulls out a victory over Dealer of Hope. The Soldier of Fortune heads to the next round! (Aikiko tries but she ain't no fighter, so pretty easy win)

Emissary of Dust comes up short against Telescope of Dusk. Telescope of Dusk moves on! (Kinsha can't give it his all and seems to be afraid winning would hurt their standing)

Kaleidoscope of Dawn scores a hard fought victory over the Ace of Blades. Kaleidoscope of Dawn heads into the final round!

Telescope of Dusk ekes out a victory over the Soldier of Fortune. Telescope of Dusk has a date with destiny in the finals!

Kaleidoscope of Dawn outwits and out-fights Telescope of Dusk. Your winner and champion, KALEIDOSCOPE OF DAWN!!!! (Hiryo won by pulling out super secret clan technique and stunned everyone)

Year -0.25 : Juudaime Kazekage Assassinated
Year -0.20 : Bouryoraku Discovered
Year -0.16 : Enzan voted in as new Kazekage, SUNA, KAZE and HARI established
Year -0.10 : Zoukei village brainwashed and abducted
Year -0.06 : Mujina Clan purged
Year 0.00 : Chuunin Selection Exams/Suna no Soushoku raid
Year 0.06 : Sasori Ryodan Exterminated
Year 0.08 : Yaygou Established
Year 0.10 : Kidnappings Start
Year 0.16 : Saigowan Kidnapped
Year 0.25 : Raid on Dedashi, Jailbreak
Year 0.50 : Best Served Cold
Year 0.75 : The Betrayers/The Fall of Suna no Soushoku
Year 1.00 : Present Day
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