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Default Spartoi discussion

Hey everyone; so I don't really use Skype or anything and I know that everyone has a different time frames. So how about we use a thread to discuss the future of all the Spartoi we want to make so the bio synch.

I was going to make the soldier of fortune from the arechihana; what's everyone else's plan?

Just thought this was a good idea
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This is a good plan. How about this, people post:

The name of their character (if they have one yet)

The general concept (summarized by a few words)

Their personality (as much as they have)

and the position they are going for. From there, we can refine as we go.
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Name: Arechihana Sosu
Title: soldier of fortune
He will want to be friends with literally everyone but can punch like a truck. I want to win against one person then lose to Kyzukos Arechihana. With that in mind anyone willing to let me beat them?
Concept: I will always trying to be the best deep down but will never bring it up/rock leeish character is in mind
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Ishikawa Eiko's in the registry now but I expect I'll need to make some minor tweaks in her bio. Applying for Aficionado of Mirage. Eiko is quiet and bookish on the exterior. She is confident and has an affinity for genjutsu and sand ninjutsu. Plan to expand her lists into Global Nin and Ahou no Ojike as a Taijutsu.

Currently it's written that Eiko faced Takai (Bukowski's freak) in the golden gauntlet -- except she forfeited instead of fighting in an effort to conceal her abilities.


AP: 25
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Name: Kinsha
Title: Emissary of Dust
A rather abrasive individual, can be a little hard to get along with. Doesn't read people real well either, and in general comes off as rather creepy. They're a medic sent as the emissary by the Dustmen, so they were not actually eligible for any other title. They will end up the emissary of dust regardless of who they beat or who beats them. They grew up with everyone and learned with them regardless.
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in lame man terms
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All right, this is still a bit malleable, but let's see how this shapes up.

Name: Arechihana Sasori
Title: Based on conversations so far, it was looking like Telescope of Dusk
Concept: Black sheep Ascendant
Personality: Even at this young age, Sasori bares a great weight upon his shoulders as the shadow of his uncle, noted enemy of the state Hokori Taka, stretches menacingly over his (or her...concept is malleable at this point) future. Sasori tries very hard not to be bitter, as that is against the grain of his upbringing within his father's side of the family, but it can be difficult. It is, however, the 'long view' outlook central to the philosophy of the Arechihana that allows him to keep things in check. Nonetheless, the status as black sheep makes him sympathetic to those similarly on the fringe--whether by choice or fate, seeking them out for a camaraderie borne of curiosity to how they are similar, how they are different, and how they cope.

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
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Name: Ogiwara Etsuya
Title: Alchemist of Stars
Concept: The Aloof Prince Who is Actually Just an Idiot
Personality: To those outside the Spartoi Program, Ogiwara comes off as an aloof ice prince, but to those in the program he's simply an idiot with a talent in Wind Ninjutsu. He has a bad habit of blowing up his deeds turning the smallest achievement into a grandiose tale of the trials and tribulations man must face. Not so secret goal is to have a really long and impressive title like Hitoko.

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Name: Renchishin Takai
Title: The Saboteur

Concept: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big sports fan and a few months back I saw a documentary on seven footers in the NBA and the reality of growing up being so tall. A lot of those players found themselves very insecure with their height and very difficult to relate to others. Takai takes that point to it's extreme. He has a lot of potential buried inside of him but he is unsure if he's capable of releasing it. Takai is a gentle and introspective giant, an orphan amongst a clan and someone who's very hungry to be accepted and to prove he is more than expectations. He's some one who is struggling to work his odd body, his changing mind and adapt to a powerful world around him. Adolescence personified.

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Name : TBD
Rank : Ace of Swords

Description: Sword aficionado that tends to put sword play and sword cleaning above all else and has a great amount of pride in his abilities, to the point of hubris.
Rain GM

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Name: TBD
Title: I'm going for Kaleidoscope of Dawn
Concept: Clan heir with a block on his shoulder.
The last one in his clan, he has the (misguided) view that he must always be the strongest to prove that his clan (which, by its own nature, is practically unheard of) is as great as he believes it to be. He is outspoken, proud, and arrogant, completely.
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