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Default Boukyaku Recruitment Thread

Love putting your own character through hell while you do it to others? Then the Boukyaku Bloodline of Mist is for you. Stigmata points without the blood, just this awesome torrent of water that makes people forget the last few seconds (oh, say, the moment you hit them and more with continued exposure). Oh yeah, and you can use that water for the basis of some Suiton ninjutsu techs.

Clan Stuff
Boukykau Information
Wasureppoi Hirate (Clan Taijutsu)

Future Plans
Yes, it is true that I'm working on tweaking the current clan Taijutsu but not by much. I'm thinking of making it a pure taijutsu style and using the current specials as the basis of at least a swap list.

Also, looking back over the old information, I found a good opportunity. Expect Boukykau Jusui to make a comeback, approvals permitting of course.

As with the Shunmin, any AP I get from clan payment will be given to players with a Boukyaku to spend on them at creation or afterwards should they continue to use them and make me proud. It's only fair since the players actually make the clan. <3

What I'm Looking For
The Boukykau are supposed to be a relatively small clan, so unless I see something that completely blows my mind. I'll only be having four clan spots open, leaving only two spots left given my own and Long's characters.

I've had a talk with Gransy and we both agree that the clan has the potential to be filled with lots of broody people which is something neither of us want to see. So, your character should be unique with lots of depth. Try to think of creative ways to handle their ability and put it to use.
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Wow even the Boukyaku clan still exists in some capacity! I never would have imagined it would have stayed around this long. -jess
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