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Will of Fire
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Default Question of the Day: Superior Ranks

Well, given the lackluster reply to the last Question of the Day (Seriously. Share your favorite Stellar Tales), it’s time to bring out an easier question.

Protip: These discussions are more fun if people participate. By “people,” of course, I mean you people.


What is your favorite character rank to play and why?

Some folks enjoy genin. They’re young, impressionable, and basically have infinite room for growth.

Others prefer chuunin. They’re not weak, but they’re not overpowered. Also… excessive teen angst. Yay.

Many may choose jounin. The badass elite. They’re set in their ways and don’t have to put up with anyone’s crap. It’s a sweet deal.

Me personally? I like a good, sturdy chuunin. They’re past the awkward youngster phase and have a little experience under their belts. They’re starting to focus on where their careers are headed and what they might want to specialize with. Most important of all, they’re versatile and can roleplay well with all ranks. A chuunin can learn a thing or two from a jounin, go out for shenanigans with a fellow chuunin, or school a genin in lessons of the shinobi world ahead. What’s not to love?

How about you? Which rank strikes your fancy?

Feel free to chime in on other questions of the day: Epic Events, Character Concepts, & Awesome Villages.

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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Definitely Chuunin and for a lot of the same reasons as Will, possibly a young Jounin.

Chuunin still have growing up to do and there is a lot of room for character development. While you have that with a Genin, I think their development is limited by their maturity level some what. Yeah, there is an exception to every village or so but a twelve year old is not going to have the experiences and battle time teenager will most likely have had. That being said, a Chuunin also isn't as mature as focused as a Jounin so you can move them to that point and like Will said, work toward a specialization that may or may not change from what you have set in your head at creation. I know Ama's changed.

On the other hand a YOUNGer Jounin, is still powerful but will still probably have some growing up to do and won't be as set in their ways or "just go for missions." They'll mingle but it won't be so much comparing battle scars and tales. xD They still have room for direction to change and growth more so than one who has been around and committed to a lifestyle.
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I'm more comfy in the Chuunin-Genin range, for much of the same reasons already said. I do like the fact that I can roleplay my inner child from time to time in all its immaturity and wacky adventures that could be had as a preteen.

If I had to choose though? My strengths and favorites lie with the late teens (15-19) chuunin range. I will admit I enjoy a little teenage angst from time to time, and the social threads. That and chuunin's seem to be what everyone enjoys, because theres alot of chuunin out there (Just look at the leaf fluff chuunin mayhem thats going on now).

But yeah, I like the room to grow, the not weak as all hell, teenaged chuunin.

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Chuunin's my preference. Not god-moded like jounin, not useless like genin, and a nice balance between responsible and ignorant.

Summarized ftw

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Genin have their shenanigans. Chuunin have their relationship drama.

Jounin is my favorite. Sure I only got one, but Akio's by far my fave. Genin and chuunin are fun don't get me wrong. But, I'm just fixated on that rank. I'm not sure if its the amount of stats, jutsus, or just the fact they can level a small village at will. I do have one good reason my jounin is the most enjoyable to play.

The genin team consisting of Simon, Mr. Pink, and Drus is what makes it so much fun. Its not the fact that they can be easily overpowered, or just generally kicking the shit out of them. Its the dynamic really, between the two ranks. Sure it depends on the personalities and such, but I enjoy the mentoring factor. I haven't yet RPed with a chuunin, but I'm sure it would be more like a big brother thing. There's just something rather enjoyable with seeing a nin with that kind of power being able to have a gentle hand towards a kid.
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1. Chuunin = for a more wider understanding of person, and capable having the feeling of still growing but also, depending on the character, can vary within that growth. Some may be at their limits and pushing it further, some in a stable ride, some at the very beginning. In a way, it's more fun and freer than Jounin.

2. Jounin = to feel powerful, to know you can be less limited (but also more criticized when in the making) and more creative in terms of combat and status. Alignment and goals can be both more important and more fun if that happens to be your focus on the character.

3. Academy Student = One of the best moments are the first, when you make them at the moment. Good to gather up with others and try to progress with one another, see how they end up. Can talk of the past that actually took place, and, if role played together long enough, create this sense of emotion and intense role playing value. But it takes time and is rare to happen.

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Sir Kana of Furyville
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I'd say by far my favorite rank is Chuunin. Sure I do enjoy my Jounin but really, the ones that I have the most fun with are the Chuunin for it feels they have the most room for development without being super stunted at creation.

Edit: And what do you mean YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!
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I like playing Jounin for two reasons. The first reason is pretty lame. It's simply the fact that I've never played young characters before. Even on other RP sites, my youngest character was maybe 19, or 20 years old. The content of my writing tends to be more adult oriented, but I could probably play a kid if I really wanted to. I just haven't done it, and I don't feel the need to try. I enjoy playing adults.

The second reason why I prefer Jounin over any other rank is because I have a lot of fun putting together the stats and jutsu. There are less opportunities to mix interesting techniques with a genin or chuunin. I like to envision the way the character would fight, and then select techniques which support that general concept. There is simply less to play around with when you make a younger character. With jounin, I can specialize in one field or be a jack of all trades. I can take nin, tai, and genjutsu without gimping my character. The lower you go in rank, the more dependent the character becomes on specializing. And at the same time, taijutsu becomes more important the lower in rank you go. Genin usually don't have the ninjutsu to play keep away with a taijutsu specialist. That kinda limits what you can do with them, because you have to take taijutsu merely to survive battles.
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I really like to play Genin. I'm not too comfortable in my roleplaying so when I play as a Genin I feel like I'm learning along side of them and don't have to worry about messing up too much. Besides, all the anime and manga I've taken in over the years tell me that the most important characters are aged 12 to 15. Chuunin are a possibility, Jounin just a dream for the time being.

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Jounin. I like seeing them progress but instead of worrying about ranks or missions, they focus on how they're shaping their identities. Are they the men or women they thought they would be when they were chuunin? Why not? Plus, I love being a teacher, so being able to RP that is great.
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