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Little do they know...
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Default [Solo] In Spirit

“Sir, you wanted me to remind you?”

In Spirit

Haru’s scribbling stopped, the pen resting against his writer’s callus. He rolled it back and forth in his fingers as he reclined into the desk chair, looking to his chief administrative officer, who was leaning half-way into the room, a few strands of hair the worse for wear.

“Thank you, Yumi.”

His nod to dismiss her barely moved his braids. After she had closed the door, he propped himself against the edge of the desk, hands spread wide, for the long sigh that was to follow, but cut his procrastination short and instead began to gather up the papers scattered across his beaten wooden desk before fully exhaling. He stacked them, deposited them in their accordion binders and transferred the documents to the short filing cabinet by the door.

The small bullpen beyond his office’s reinforced glass was alive with activity. It was a busy afternoon in EON’s modest headquarters. There were no windows save the ones fronting the street by Yumi’s desk, through which sunlight slanted steeply, and it was clear that the bulbs in one or two of the high ceiling’s hanging lamps would need changing soon, but the wan illumination didn’t phase a single one of his officers, drafted in on rotation from each of Kusagakure’s three major divisions to follow up on cases in Sougen. Some were in it for the long haul, while others commuted, and Haru respected those who had commitments elsewhere.

His eyes glazed over for a moment. When they cleared, he was staring at his own pale reflection, one hand still on the lip of the filing cabinet’s partially closed top drawer. With a quiet sound of admonishment, he rolled his eyes. He held a different opinion on those who shirked their commitments, particularly if they were a certain Sennin with no real excuse to be wasting time.

Quickly locking the drawer, he donned his blue-collared kimono and shinobi sash, fixed his top knot then left his office quietly. The bustle of the bullpen rose to meet him as he turned around. Tora walked past, pushing a perpetrator towards the holding cells and winking at Haru with a wolf-like grin, which caused his own resting frown to dissolve into a soft smile. Was he really showing his hand so plainly? His resulting chuckle shored up the chink in his armour and he swept past his other colleagues with renewed charisma. Whatever the turbulence inside, he would be damned if he let it show.

Not today.
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