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Old 06-22-2017, 03:22 AM   #11
New Vision
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Maybe sorta, there should be an option to get one stronger pet or maybe two or three weaker animals (I was thinking of making a party animal archetype) that would allow some creativity in that aspect. You could also help scale stats with jutsu (gain this skill and your animal gets access to stage nin and now scale physically as a jounin, etc) the problem this runs into is what would the primary stat be? Mental? Or are we talking about the pets getting stats equal to the users own stars? Should it be said to just give them extra thread points? I'm just rambling
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Old 06-22-2017, 03:33 AM   #12
Fusion Admin
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I think the full extent of what you've said would be on the nose the same as puppeteer, and it doesn't sound like that is what people want. They just want the pets to be stronger, have more options. Which in turn Jami has pointed out needs a heavier investment from the master.

Possibilities of something more in the middle:
- The pets have their own stats, but instead of taking a taijutsu they would get taijutsu bonuses from the Beast Master list.
- Techniques in the list would allow for additional sub-pets, or different types of pets (like a weak but equal flock).
- Techniques could give the pet access to different types of techniques, possibly techniques it otherwise wouldn't know, or special techs from the owner.
- Yeah probably mental.
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Old 06-22-2017, 04:05 AM   #13
Mr. Hicks
Will RP For Meat
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Personally I like the Beastmaster List, it has decent utility and leaves enough room for swaps. No, I have three other issues with beasmaster.

1. The animal is just too weak at the start for lower rank characters. These animals have had just as much training as their owners and I feel it should show.

2. It seems like character growth is "one or the other", meaning the player is basically controlling two different characters but is only getting enough reward to make one grow. You shouldn't have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

3. Clan exclusivity on animals (may not exist anymore because I'm just kicking up old shit). I have nothing against the Inuzuka clan as a whole, they're a great clan. But insisting that only Inuzukas can use dogs when dogs are easily found, domesticated, and trained is a little unfair. A beastmaster should be allowed to use any animal it can get it's hands on and train, there will always be a clear, set difference between a beastmaster trained animal and a animal specific clan animal, so why enforce exclusivity?
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Old 06-22-2017, 07:01 AM   #14
in lame man terms
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I like the proposed changes, though I just had to go check the beast master archetype when the nin-as-tai style list option came up to make sure that beastmaster was not, in fact, physical primary locked. But since PST is set to "any" for all three of those, that's not so much of an issue.

As for pet exclusivity for clans, it didn't really make sense that all dogs were supposed to be Inuzuka. It might make sense, however, if the clan has specifically bred a variety of dog/cat/eagle/other animal. Because, honestly, I like the idea of a beastmaster clan having an exclusivity on, say, giraffes or bison. But to extend the latter to an exclusivity on all cow-like animals would be a step too far. Example from my clan in the works: they have bred a specific variety of eagle. Anyone can have an eagle, but nobody outside the clan would have access to this specific variety of eagle. That kind of exclusivity is one thing, but "only we have dogs period" may be too far (but srsly, then you just go 'Fine, I got a wolf, gomd').

My question is: would beasts still be able to take jutsu?

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Old 06-24-2017, 06:52 PM   #15
Engi's Own Y2J
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Unpopular opinion: As someone RP'ing with a genin beastmaster, I don't really see a problem with it right now. Maybe it's because my kid has a bird as a pet [as opposed to like a bear], but I never was under the impression that my pet should be as strong as my BM. The pet was more of a support tool to use in combat, in addition to the other techniques my shinobi actually had. It's not like my genin is super limited because he decided to become a BM, and his pet is the only way he becomes viable in combat. He's an average shinobi with techniques just like others, he just happened to take an archetype that allows him an extra companion to perform additional support in fights. That's a bonus enough, imo.

I will say only maxing at 1 TP kinda sucks, maybe they can get whatever rating their owner gets? That way they aren't ever as strong [unless the owner sacrifices all their points] but they don't become utterly useless either and kind of 'scale' along with their owner.

As far as exclusive animals go, I'm with Kyz.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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