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Default Engi no Soundtrack

A lot of people enjoy having music as a characters theme, but I'm wondering if anyone has any themes they associate with villages? I have three village soundtracks, and this might not be the place to post this but I'll do it anyway.

Grass Theme

Sand Theme

Snow Village

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Snow (rip jped)

Official soundtrack, village GMs you are welcome.

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In reality back when I was a Cloud GM I had listened to a lot of music to not just create the information. I present to you the link to a playlist I made of some songs I listened to while working on the Lightning Country Information and some notes. For starters:

The Cloud GM Soundtrack, this was a collection of songs I listened to when I was first making cloud.

Track 1: "Art of War" - Theme of Hidden Cloud

You're going to hear this song a lot on both lists I have. This was easily my "go to" song when it came to having the feeling I wanted for Cloud, always ready for war. There are other songs in this list that emphasize Cloud's war-mongering, but this one chooses not to put it in a particular light, instead just seeing it as a necessity.

Track 2: "Orange Crush" - Alternate Hidden Cloud Theme

Something I always attempted to emphasize when it came to the LMG was that once you became a citizen to it you were in it for life for better or for worse. I always felt that Orange Crush helped express the expendability of not just young shinobi in the war effort but also the countless non-shinobi who would die when they chose to become citizens and defend the LMG.

Track 3: "War Pigs" - "Evil" Hidden Cloud Theme

Generally whenever I needed to write a way that Hidden Cloud and the LMG needed to be portrayed in a "negative manner" I generally played this song. It's always good to remember that while Hidden Cloud and the LMG are well intentioned people they are nothing but war-mongering fascists.

Track 4: "Song of Time/Song of Storms" - Hidden Cloud Mood Theme

Besides songs about war I always needed a song that gave me that "solemn" feel that I always had for "The Holy Grounds" that Hidden Cloud was based in. Back then I would listen to violin covers of the Song of Time and Song of Storms to be influenced to write, in the end Taylor Davis easily became of my favorite violinist on Youtube.

Track 5: "A Place Where Starlight Gathers" - Hidden Memorial Village Theme

Surprisingly enough this came from an MMO OST and is specifically the theme to a grave yard. It felt like the right mood for a town that was basically a giant memorial.

Track 6: "Green Fields of France"- Hidden Memorial Alternate Theme

Hidden Cloud is always supposed to have this big "thing" about honoring the dead. This is actually why I used to make obituaries for all the dead NPCs that were once RPCs. Unlike the government, or Raikage Denryuu's regime, Nagai made it his business to honor those who fell for his cause. In return I felt this particularly somber tune hit the spot when graveyard music didn't work.

Track 7: "Wilderness Policeman" - Theme of Black Sand and Igai Island

Whenever I had to write about Black Sand or Igai Island it was important that I had "free" "loose" song to get the feeling of "freedom" one would have when out on sea, but also freedom from the LMGs rules. Kevin Rian's them from Garou: Mark of the Wolves always felt like a fast, loose, bluesy song that would be played among pirates and law enforcers.

Track 8: "Kids Run Through The City" - Theme of White Sand

It was always a reminder that White Sand is actually a HUGE city, the remnants of old Hidden Cloud AND Hima, both cities destroyed by fire and then made into a delightful tourist spot. I felt this Final Fantasy 6 song emphasized the "happy and hopeful" feeling that a town like White Sand had.

Track 9: "In The Air Tonight" - Theme of Koedame

Koedame was always supposed to be a city like New Orleans and Miami put together, only without none of the pretty beaches. When writing about Koedame I always need songs that elicited feelings of doubt, fear, worry, and a rising call to make it right. In The Air Tonight somehow always did that for me.

Track 10: "House of the Rising Sun" - Alternate Theme of Koedame

Doubt, Fear, and Degradation. Nothing says it like this Animals song. It was an alternate song I would sometimes play when I needed that feeling of "being low."

Track 11: "Kimi Hohoenda Yoru" - Theme of Sakoshi City

Interesting fact, did you know Sakoshi City was one of my first works I ever gave to Engi? Before I was even a GM? Totally. It was actually what caused the entire "Maybe we should make Hicks the GM of Cloud" discussion! Surprisingly enough this is one of the few songs on my playlist that actually HAS JAPANESE IN IT. Back then when I was imagining Sakoshi City (which I always labeled "the city of steam" I always imagined it was kind of like the setting of the anime "Steam Detectives." So unusually enough I consistently would listen to that show's theme for inspiration for the city.

Track 12: "Fur, Meat, and Bones Store" - Theme of Kishin City

You're going to find quite a bit of Final Fantasy Tactics music in both this playlist, but the other playlist I made too. They really helped set moods and ideas. Kishin was always this burgeoning town that had a lot of commerce but also did a lot of shady stuff and I always felt this FFT Song helped emphasize that feeling.

Track 13: "Antidote" - Theme of Doruma Village

Doruma Village was actually one of the first village I crafted in the Lightning Country Information. I always thought it would just be awesome to have this city that lived up in the trees, hidden by everyone. So I needed a song that emphasized the "brisk" feeling of being in the trees but also urgent care that the Doruma Rangers (the emergency health service of the LMG at the time) represented. The fact that the song is called "Antidote" was just frosting on the mood cake.

Track 14: "Ruined World" - Theme of Yatsu City

Guy's Yuki's Backbone is a horrible place to live in, it's a winter wasteland the majority of the time and barely "a winter wonderland" on it's good days. I needed a song that gave that feeling of dreary hopelessness and dread to a city that only had condemned men in it. So for some reason the 2300 AD Overworld Theme from Chrono Trigger sort of just sprang to mind. I mean just listening to it sounds like you're forced to trudge through a blizzard. It really help capture that mood.

I also have a playlist of what I listened to during most of the Cloud Civil War Arc, but this post is REALLY long. So I think I should only post it's link (and notes) if people really want to see it. But this was (is) my Soundtrack to Lightning Country.
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Perfect fit for Mist Kyz. 10/10 Well done.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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