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Default Let me know your fave Country!

The Non-shinobi countries have been added!

They have been given their own space in info!

It isn't a lot, but it should give us a little more power for characters to travel to other countries for missions without feeling like they are wandering around in the dark.

But what I want to know is, do you like them?

So in this thread, let me know. Is there a country or location you want a character to visit? Which one? Is there some factoid that tickles your fancy?

You can also use this space to ask questions or point out mistakes.
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I love this. I suppose I should send you a PM about some Bear-related stuff.

I think overall this page would benefit from a map like the one featured in the Setting & Guide section of the Handbook, perhaps a smaller zoomed in look at the country centered and highlighted on the map.

In terms of my favorites I really like Bear and Bird. River was about what I expected (and pretty cool all the same). Swamp is great. Valley's statue would be a fun location to visit.

I do appreciate how much detail is included and I like how roleplay is encouraged through hooks in the information itself. I am curious about the reasons wars were fought between Grass and many of the countries.

The link for Valley Country sends one to Bird Country instead.


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I haz question! What's west of Valley? :3

I was actually hoping for Demon, but this works.

I actually don't have a true favorite, but that is a good thing. They all have their own draws that make you want to RP there. Though, I do agree with Seikon... any way we could get a map?
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Swamp country best country. Swamp. Country. Swamps.
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Good catch on the bad link, Seikon.

Maps are annoying to make, to tell the truth. Without someone that knows what they are doing, you end up with a low quality map that distracts from the rest of it.

But I can (and have) put our big map up there.
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Hm, I like the warlord factions of Bird.

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First off love the Romance of Three Kingdoms names for some of the daimyo. But honestly Valley country is far and away the most interesting to me. I was already thinking about doing something there, but now that there's context, it'll only make it better.

Bear, Bird are cool too and a little bit of Wheat country sounds cool for a baecation as well.

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My bias for River aside, I gotta echo Nomics and say Valley has so much potential for RPing, combining variations in faith and belief systems but with some potential conflict involving perceived blasphemers. The shout out to Rikudo was a nice touch too.

Bear and Bird sound like good places to exercise one's violent tendencies, and Swamp looks like to be quite intriguing from a story standpoint with the whole revolutionary thing going on.
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Zillch, thank you very much!

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