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As Sosu continued to watch the fight between the beast and Sento, he realized what kind of power he had on his side. HE had yet to meet someone from Kumogakure, but it was something he was alright with. Outside of the prophecy Sosu wasn’t sure if they would be friends or enemies.

As Sosu continued to walk Fuku appeared out of thin air.

”Fuku-san, where have you been? You could have helped us out a little bit. Anyways, besides that, lets get Sento and continue on our way. We need to find this shrine before its too late. I think we have spent enough time here.” Sosu stated as he began to yell out at Sento.

”Sento, finish it off. We need to get to the shrine.” Sosu yelled and stared back at Fuku in hopes he knew where they would need to go.
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