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The former number one rookie in Leaf looked at the Kraken with an appreciative gaze shared by the Sennin of Sand. He had read about Jinchuriki and Bijuu but he had never thought he would even encounter one much less face one. The era of the tailed beast had come and gone and even their echo still effected the world in unmentionable ways.

To face one on the battlefield?

The power and anticipation was enough to turn his entire blood into gasoline--ready to be ignited.

His widened eyes narrowed only at Hitoko's question.


He blinked his eyes incredulously at Hitoko and shook his head in a palpable disbelief.

"You? Beat me? At Janken?", he said again, "Now I thought your braids were a little tight and now I know for certain!"

He rose his fist to his palm...

"I'm the undefeated Hi no Kuni Grand Janken All-Star Regional Champion for the last five years Dragon! I am not the one to be stole on! Get ready!"

They both made their moves, staring at each other with a seriousness befit for the battle but not the current situation...

The first move was made--both chose Rock. Fist scoffed, Hitoko smirked...

"What is this mockery?! Take me seriously!"

"A minute Vu-Chan, I can't let this guy get the better of me at Janken of all things!"

"No! No more! I will not stand for this!"

"Jeez! Hike up your skirt! It ain't that big of a de--"

But before Fist could finish the sentence one of the beast's tentacles swung towards him, catching the Sanada prodigy unaware--his eyes widened as he felt a burning sensation and a massive force rip through his body as the kraken's massive tentacle whipped him strong...

So strong that it ripped right through the center of his body, tearing the seventeen year old boy in two...

"D-d-damn it," he whimpered as his legs fell to the sea, his wings tucked in around him and his body followed, "T-this isn't over...H-H-itobro...I'm...sorry."

And the top half of the Fist began it's quick descent to the ocean below, sword still in hand, his wings wrapped around his body trying their best to protect him from the force of his fall.

Then a splash.

Then he was gone. Lost beneath the waves and the domain of the Genbu Jinchuriki.

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