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What the heck?
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I smell "Out of Context!"

Oh wait- I is right!
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Me myself, I smell tuna.
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[Hagane_Chibi] 9:43 pm: What's the big red button in the top of the right corner do?
[l337Gosu] 9:43 pm: Make you quit.
[Shoji Jason] 9:43 pm: Press it!
[Simonsez] 9:43 pm: shows you the tool bar...
[Shoji Jason] 9:43 pm: It's a red button!
[Shoji Jason] 9:43 pm: You must press it!
[Simonsez] 9:43 pm: for like scripting and shit
[Vesir] 9:43 pm: shit freaks me out
[l337Gosu] 9:43 pm: Than why is it an X -_-
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:43 pm: Iunno...
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:43 pm: I don't wanna break anything. xD
[l337Gosu] 9:44 pm: I was being sarcastic to Jason XD.
[l337Gosu] 9:44 pm: It's quiting the X.
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:44 pm: o.o Oh.
[l337Gosu] 9:44 pm: quiting the room*
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:44 pm: Ohhhhhhh.
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:44 pm: Kay, not gonna press it's temptingness. xD
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:44 pm: *its
[merdle] 9:45 pm: I return for the commercial break!
[Mizu] 9:45 pm: Hagane Chibi, teh red button forces everyone out of the room
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:45 pm: Yay.
[Mizu] 9:45 pm: It quits EVERYONE.
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:45 pm: Ohhhhh. o.o;
[Mizu] 9:45 pm: Try it, it's funny.
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:45 pm: That would be bad. xD
[l337Gosu] 9:45 pm: ...
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:45 pm: I won't get killed? xD
[l337Gosu] 9:45 pm: And everyone's like, 'Ohh noob asking what the X does? Lets fool
[Mizu] 9:45 pm: TTTRRYYY IITTTT
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:45 pm: Okayy.
[Mizu] 9:45 pm: I can promise you won't get killed.
[Lounge]: Hagane_Chibi has left at 9:46 pm
[merdle] 9:46 pm: lol
[Mizu] 9:46 pm: LULZ!
[Vesir] 9:46 pm: loll
[Mizu] 9:46 pm: Great sucess.
[Shoji Jason] 9:46 pm: Hmm, so it really does do that.
[Vesir] 9:46 pm: You guys are dicks, hahaha
[Lounge]: Hagane_Chibi has entered at 9:46 pm
[merdle] 9:46 pm: you guys are so wrong
[Shoji Jason] 9:46 pm: Fun, huh?
[Simonsez] 9:46 pm: o.o;
[Mizu] 9:46 pm: I had too, sorry Hagane.
[Mizu] 9:46 pm: Let's be friends. Sorry.
[Simonsez] 9:46 pm: you win mizu
[l337Gosu] 9:46 pm: I told you did I.
[l337Gosu] 9:46 pm: Bishes.
[Vesir] 9:47 pm: hahahaha
[l337Gosu] 9:47 pm: I was totally right -_-
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:47 pm: o.o Not everone got kicked out?
[Hagane_Chibi] 9:47 pm: *everyone
[Vesir] 9:47 pm: Just you.
[Shoji Jason] 9:47 pm: Trying to be the good guy won't help you here, gosu.
[l337Gosu] 9:47 pm: Nope.
[Mizu] 9:47 pm: Nope, just you.
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[Lounge]: Kartane has left at 1:50 am
[Lounge]: Kartane has entered at 1:50 am
[merdle] 1:50 am: no random welcome backs for you kartane!
[merdle] 1:50 am: muahahaahahaha
[Sakae] 1:51 am: In fact, I wish you'd leave again
[Lounge]: Kartane has left at 1:51 am
[Sakae] 1:51 am: :grin:
[merdle] 1:52 am: ...
[Vesir] 1:52 am: rofl
[merdle] 1:52 am: hopefully the little bunny lover didn't take that too seriously

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God I wish I was there, that's halarious..... too bad I'm sick right now, curse this weather! But man, RA, that's just halarious. White Shirou has been being screwed around with lately on the chat....and so has Chi.

Nice quote.... classic.
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Kaika87 (2:28:10 AM): plus I can't use a sword
Kaika87 (2:28:23 AM): much better =D
AmbivalentShirou (2:28:32 AM): It's not the sword that matters, but how you use it
AmbivalentShirou (2:28:36 AM): >.>
AmbivalentShirou (2:28:39 AM): <.<
Kaika87 (2:28:50 AM): o.o
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Shoji Jason
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Originally Posted by Engi no Chat
[SleepyNin] 9:14 pm: Of*
[SleepyNin] 9:14 pm: What's the normal size fo a 12 year old?
[K12] 9:14 pm: height?
[Shoji Jason] 9:14 pm: TIME PARADOX?
How'd you do that, sleepy? :?
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Some person I know was taunting that he had Jojo and I didn't. So he decided to show me the link of the Jojo game he "bought". Not engi chat, but the rest of the quotes were lame and not engi related anyway, so yeah.

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White Shirou
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perr86: It's also extremely non-manly
perr86: IE: Covered in butterflys
perr86: Which, has become a recurring trend in things she gives me. I'm slightly worried about that
AmbivalentShirou: Lmao!
AmbivalentShirou: The butterflies are meant to relax you
AmbivalentShirou: Remind you of meadows
AmbivalentShirou: And Disneyland
perr86: That doesn't explain why she gives me pink slippers and knitted purple and pink hats
perr86: And, if they were supposed to remind me of Disneyland, I'd have to wait in line for 4 hours for it
Ah, Disneyland.
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