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Default [Spoilers] Naruto 672

Ain't this what you came for?

Yeah that's right, Naruto discussion threads sucka!

This is one of those segments that is exciting to read, and makes you think 'how much better is this going to be when it is animated?' Of course, one of the original things that got me into Naruto was Lee and the gates against Gaara. So I guess I'll always have a soft spot for it.

The ending though... meh. With all the build up, it is a shame to see Kishi fall flat.
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This the case where Gai needed to go for a head shot. If that had happened well the world would have been saved... Or the Juubi would have just taken full control of the body and would have to be defeated.

But alas Sasuke and Naruto need to get their spotlight back.
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So now it's Naruske's turn to fight? (Yes they obviously fused together :P)
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Night Guy...is literally charcoal Guy ,made me laugh hard.

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I'm kind of annoyed that Gai's not gonna die. It'd be a great Shounen death.

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But now Nalto is Jesus. So there's that.

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