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Shichidaime Sunagakure GM
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Tbe creature?

Shishi spoke with his hands as they ran:

Won-qu? Not necessarily. The seal itself will strip this construct of its power, essentially debuffing the chimera of the traits necessary to shrug off physical attacks and mold chakra. I am unsure if you’re familiar with the clans in the country of Wind, but we worked with a certain one specializing in the mysticisms of barriers and seals.

The large tree grew closer and closer as he spoke, a bit more hope highlighting the warmth of his tone as he continued:

Alongside our ventures was a Priestess, too, who helped us further facilitate our vision, to make it more—tangible, if anything…

Sleek ancient robes fluttered to a quiet halt as they made it up the hill, where the large branches of the tree hung overhead like wind chimes whistling in a silent breeze. His footsteps came to a halt at the base of the Yggdrasil, where a large circular impression was indented within the bark, decorated by tribal inks that wove an intricate pattern within its design. Meters away from the large seal were seven small gray gravestones jutting from the earth below: six of the seven graves were filled. Shishi lifted a finger to adjust the spectacles on his face before letting his eyes fall onto the Hyuuga once more.

The source?” She asked about the initial source of chakra for this place, and that was a question he could easily answer, “My colleagues and I, of course.

Shishi stepped by the graves that sat in front of the tree and placed a hand on its large base. This was the reason he was capable of manipulating the area around them. Eyeing the seal, the bearded dustmen exhaled as if grateful to be a step closer of being freed from this place.

We were crafting a prison for the zealots of Assate. Not by request of Sunagakure or its Lord Eighth, but by virtue to stop them from ravaging our research. That little creature you may have met, A-tur, was a beast I tamed long ago due to its natural ability, if you will, to swallow things whole.

His hand clutched into a tight fist:

My colleagues and I crafted this construct together and sealed it within A-tur, with Won-Qu as the guardian within to decimate those who’d be sentenced to this pit, but…before we could complete our mission, we were sabotaged by those zealots and became victims of our own creation.

And now here he stood, sole survivor of their time within these walls. But not for long, he wouldn’t be trapped in here for much longer. As many people as he’s come across who have fallen into this prison, this was the closest he’d been to attaining some semblance of freedom.

Once you dismantle this seal, we’ll be able to defeat Won-Qu and escape.

You two seem rather capable in that regard, anyway.
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Will of Fire
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Kiyoko nodded. She hadn't been too far off in her guessing, it seemed. Now that she was getting used to staring at the massive amounts of chakra surging in all directions around her, it was a little easier to understand what might happen if it were redirected or stopped altogether.

The tree, this Yggdrasil, was a peculiar thing, intricate in its design, but simple in use. Kiyoko had to appreciate the ambition of such a creation as she stared at the tree, seeing its inner workings and deciphering where she might have to reach in order to dismantle it. She'd heard bits and pieces of this story. Assate was a name that had reached her ears even in Konohagakure, though she couldn't claim to have great knowledge on the subject.

"That is a rather intense solution to a very large problem. I can't imagine attempting such a thing without the knowledge or help of my superiors." The kunoichi fought the urge to scold him for making such a rash, unfathomable choice. Doing so had endangered him and all the others involved, but it was obvious as she glanced at the many gravestones near the tree that this man needed no further punishment nor commentary on his mistakes. She could see no harm in simply keeping her mouth shut and getting him out of here to live the rest of his days in peace the way his colleagues could not.

She watched Shishi, too, as he spoke, checking to see if the words he shared were true. She didn't observe his heart rate change, nor did he display any of the other typical signs she'd come to understand as tells that someone was being dishonest. Strange though it all seemed, she was forced to accept that he was speaking honestly. Besides, if she didn't make a decision and act soon, Hitoko might very well be in danger. That wasn't an option.

"I'm sorry you've suffered so long on your own. I'm not sure how Renchishin-san and I got mixed up in this business, but it's time to end this madness."

Hesitant, though she was, to pour any more chakra into this mess, Kiyoko really only knew of one way to halt the flow, and that was using her own. She approached the Yggdrasil, making a quick loop around it to fully appreciate it from all sides. She took a deep breath and settled into a low stance, preparing to strike with precision and stop the seemingly endless flow of energy.

"Let's hope this doesn't blow up in our faces." With that, the kunoichi began striking through the tree. She used just enough of her chakra to halt the flow she saw there, and not a bit more. She watched closely, observing how things shifted and changed with each blow, calculating where the next needed to land.

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Shichidaime Sunagakure GM
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The precise strikes of Hyuuga Kiyoko sung through the silence of the construct with swift thuds, large Yggdrasil leaves falling from branches and dancing between the quiet before the next hit. Spectacle clad Shishi, adorned in bright amulets and ancient robes, stood moments away from the shinobi of Konohagakure motionless. Calm breaths of air became warm and heavier with each chakra filled attack, the hue of leaves and grass land transitioning to the palette of autumn right before the Dustman’s presence. As chakra left the Yggdrasil, a sheen of light reflected from Shishi’s glasses, masking the tears that formed at the edge of his eyelids and baptized his eyes. As the scientist watched, a soft smile came over face, tear filled gaze ascending skyward, as if he could see the color of the tree’s tenketsu fading line by line. It had been so long since he’d seen the outside world. As he stood there, watching the construct change before his eyes, he thought of his wife and child – hope swelled his chest, despair felt fleeting.


Freedom was tangible now.

...I’ll be with you soon.

He whispered.

Drying eyes with robe sleeve, the bearded Dustman adjusted the glasses upon his nose before exhaling deep – he needed to compose himself, their job wasn’t done. With the Yggdrasil dressed in hues of dark brown and oranges, Shishi lifted an index finger to the horizon, beyond where the great beast Won-Qu and Hitoko battled, where a huge ancient door designed in bright purple textiles appeared. Where caution once lined his voice, confidence arose.

The Gate has appeared, that is our exit!” Shishi began to sprint in that direction, eye the graves one last time as he passed by “Come! The construct is collapsing! Maybe we can save your comrade and defeat Won-Qu before we leave!


Teeth as bright as pearl and as sharp as dragon fangs sunk into the massive tail of chimera Won-Qu as Renchishin Hitoko bite down onto it. Arms and legs wrapped around its gigantic span, the Sennin was, like before, bear hugging the damn thing so it wouldn’t get away. There was no logic to it, Hitoko just decided to bite’em to see what happens:

In some places you’d be a majestic delicacy! And I’m not complaining!

His words were met with nothing but a mouth full of fur, to which he was prompt in spitting out as the creature whipped him toward the floor. Rebounding at high velocity, the Sennin’s jacket billowed as he adjusted in midair, tucking into a sleek side flip before his feet clashed against golden grass beneath the star light. Without hesitation, Hitoko reset the distance between he and the beast, leaping backward a far ways as to reassess and ascertain how he’d move forward. Thick lips perched to the side of his face as he pouted, just a bit, as his brows narrowed in disappointment:

Well,” The Dragon muttered, “biting it didn’t...



Renchishin ruby pupils peered in awe as star light illuminated a large purple gate that manifested, like magic, behind where he and the magic beast fought. Pointing an index finger in sheer amazement, Hitoko couldn’t help but burst in excitement:


He knew he was a genius, he knew it.

But just as he noticed the gate, Won-Qu had seen the same, a signature trace of chakra leaving its huge form and altering fractions of its fur gray. Muscles spasmed with the release, but the beast kept its tenacity, claws creating deep divides within the ground as it prepared to bounce more. Although Hitoko wasn’t fully aware of what was going on, or what happened, his keen sense of combat made one thing clear –

Raiton | Lightning Release

This was his chance to inflict a critical blow

Hando no Semeku | Hands of Torture

And he’d keep the beast at bay until Kiyoko arrived.

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