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Sanshiro blinked when he saw the Stone Nin walk across the edge...

On one hand, he wasn't about to be shown up by a group of triplets from Earth country!

On the other hand, walking off the edge of a cliff, historically...well, it certainly wasn't on a list of all time smart choices.

"...Fuck it."

Had there ever been a better explanation? For virtually any situation?

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), walking off the edge of the ledge did not lead to the four young men plumetting to their doom--instead the group appeared to be walking on thin air. Sanshiro had walked on air before and was deeply familiar with the sensation of stepping onto a ledge and having to find footing within steps created via chakra as opposed to ones physical in nature: it was a unique situation and somewhat unnerving and a little weird.

"Are we absolutely positively painstakingly friggin' sure...that like, this whole shit ain't Genjutsu? Like, we live in a world where folks manipulate our senses...this is fucked up, I'm about to fuckin' cut off my arm to determine whether this is real or not!"

The Fist complained aloud both to himself and the brothers Stone, confused and freaked out about the general events and the assault on both his physical senses and sense of reality. Both were tested as heard a familiar whooshing and through the fog, a rapidly approaching shadowy figure...the one who had beckoned them to step forward.

He did not look happy.

Through the fog, the creature became more and more clear--standing at eight feet tall and posessing a large beak like nose that seemed to extend two feet away from it's nose like the nose of a crane. The creature had red skin and a large mustache combine with eyes that seemed to be the same color as the moon. He seemed to be weilding a large fan, roughly five feet long, made out of bird feathers--he held it as if it had been five inches long as opposed to feet.

"You are fools. You are cursed!"

Standing roughly ten feet away from the gaggle of adolscent boys the strange red faced creature began to spin with his large fan over his head before beginning to spin himself--dispersing the fog and showing both Fist and Hien that they now actually stood hundred of feet within the sky: above the ocean, so high the Island of Spirits looked to be a speck. It was disconcerting and Fist desperately began doing familiar hand seals...

Kai! Kai! Fuck! This ain't right, what's he doing! It's not an illusion!

Enshrouded in a tornado, Fist could hardly see the beast and when he did--it was too late, a slashing motion was made from within the eye of the storm.

And then it was sent towards both boys with a shocking and terifiying speed.

OOC: The Tengu used...
Secret Dance: Dance of the Heavenly and Earthly Gods: Senryu is a very defensive style, however as time passed the masters of this style have learned that sometimes attacking is the best way to defend himself. In order to deal massive damage, without directly killing someone, the Himai: Tenchishinmei no Mai was created. The Senryu-ka will open his fan and move it around his head once while slowly spinning right. Closing it after he reached the point he started moving he'll then proceed to spin in the other direction, following to jump up at the highest height he can reach, spinning like a top around his own axis. During the whole spinning, the user constantly open and closes the fan adding circular movements to his hands. The rotation will create a tornado around the Senryu-ka which he will, after touching the ground, he'll make a powerful slash motion with his opened fan, sending the tornado at its way. Using the moves learned in this style, the user can control the path of the tornado, however he needs to concentrate completely on keeping it up. The base duration of this technique are 3 posts, and for every 10 in control one additional post. Only useable twice a thread, pointless if the Senryu-ka stopped the technique on purpose or was stopped by force.

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Oh. I'm not dead. Wait, what am I standing on?!

The Stone Chuunin looked down at his feet and realized he was standing on...nothing. He stumbled from the sheer surprise, checking if his footing was really secure on this invisible bridge. The feeling was indescribable, mainly cause throughout life, our minds are accustomed to finding support in solid constructs, not thin air.

After getting fairly secure, Matsu and Batsu followed, not without dipping their toes in the air, as if testing a pool's temperature. They gingerly caught up to Hien, and huddled closely, not knowing if this "bridge" had an edge. The Kiyama clansman turned to The Fist as he suggested if this was Genjutsu and he nodded in agreement. This was some pretty unbelievable shit.

Matsu, you know what to do. Uhhhh, fuck that.DO IT!!!

Matsu reached into his shinobi kit and retrieved a kunai. He rolled up his sleeve and slid the edge lightly on the under side of his forearm. All three Kiyama brothers winced at the feeling of the shallow cut.

"There's proof bro. All three of us felt that shit. If we're under gen-"

Hien was interrupted by the arrival of their summoner. Frozen was he as the gigantic figure's features became more clear. Terrible. Terrifying. Fucking scary. Hien searched his mind for the appropriate way to describe the creature, but found none, cause they all fit the bill.

Quickly, however, the situation went from bad to catastrophic. The bird man, no the Tengu, was upset at the crew and was quick to show his frustrations. Spinning himself into a tornado, he cleared their vision and revealed just how high they were.

AHHHH!!!! You can't be serious! While Batsu felt fear, all Hien could feel was anger. A hint of betrayal went through him. He had felt familiar, almost comfortable with what he felt was a deity. The teen felt stupid, as if he walked right into a trap.

So when the tornado sped towards them he was ready to fight back. Both Subjects ran from behind their King grabbed onto Hien's hands and using their momentum and strength to swing him into the air.

As he ascended about 10 feet in the air, the teen rushed through handseals and welled up chakra in his stomach. He threw his mouth open, spewing 120 degree wax at the blasphemous Tengu.

Molten Wax Torrent!!

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