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Shuju wasn't quite sure that he should trust the mermaid girl. After all, she seemed like the playful type and he didn't really know what to think of her request. He hesitated for a moment, but Anji agreed before the sand shinobi could react. Shuju could be described as a cynical person and thus, he never found it easy to accept such requests especially that the girl gave no reason for that. While her actions were understandable to some degree, her request was beyond strange. He really thought less of his comrade for agreeing so quickly, unless it was a bluff. I really don't know what he has in mind.

Anji took the shell from the girl and asked a few questions, which was only sensible of him to do. The first question he asked was really one that Shuju wanted an answer for so the puppeteer found no need to interrupt the conversation. It was a necessary question for their mission so even if the problem was no solved, he could at least find more about the cause. However, Shuju couldn't give a damn about the answer to the last question Anji had asked the mermaid.

So for a bit, Shuju simply stood by and listened, waiting to see how the conversation went. He had a good feeling about the investigation and reached a point where he thought they were going to get a decent result out of it.
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