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Sudao simply laughed.

“I’m afraid Kiyama genetics might make things a little complicated, Kaori. At the very least, she shouldn’t have to take almost a year of her time to settle down and focus on growing a child in her stomach.” He shrugged, folding his arms, feet still on the table. The mention of a wombat made the man close his eyes for a second, but when he opened them, whatever bad thoughts the aristocrat had been thinking were gone. He met the behemoth’s gaze with his own. “Uh, thanks. Bro.”

Still, Kaori had a point. Being a parent was hard: His own didn’t have the time to, so he was reared by midwives and nannies until he could join the academy. His siblings had been done the same way: He didn’t resent his parents for it, but he did find it rather odd that they waited until their children were of age to be useful before showing any real interest in them. It was a rather interesting occurrence, but he supposed it was their way of caring – they wanted their children involved in their birthright, but they were far too busy trying to make that birthright something big to involve themselves with their own kids directly.

He was snapped out of his own head by Kaori’s talk of sexuality. He palmed his face for a moment, keeping one hand wrapped around the opposite’s elbow. He kind of just sat and paused for a second, trying to think of what to say.

“I mean, I guess you’re right.” He laughed again, not sure of what else to do. Kaori was right, even if it was in the simplest of terms. When Sudao thought of a relationship, he thought of it as a balancing act with far more components to it than being friends and sleeping together. Perhaps he had been wrong in doing so.
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Kaori nodded to himself, pleased in his own sagely wisdom. Things just clicked when it came to him, he didn’t do much introspection. Rather, he just felt or thought something and it was as simple as that to believe it. Face value was all value to the blond behemoth. All thoughts were valid and true by very nature of him thinking them. Yes, he was certainly spectacularly wrong on many, many occasions, but that didn’t deter him from coming across the next thought and thinking, “For sure, bro.”

It didn’t help that he had the wingliest of wingmen as a force jewel embedded in his sternum. The young avatar was eternally shouting affirmatives in his mind, acting as though his only purpose was to hype his main man up hard all day.

So, I’m not gonna make it heavy and shit, but I appreciate you doing me a solid today. I should have been more chill since Kaminari is, like, her own person and all that, and I think because you were there I... it was cool. So thanks.

He paused.

Oh, my god. I still have to pick up dog food. She’s going to be so hungry.

Just like that, he was off to a new thought, completely abandoned to whatever flimsy fantasy entered his brain. Dog food. That was important. That was the thing. That was his purpose.
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“You’re welcome.”

It was a simple statement, and yet one that had been ingrained through years of etiquette training. Sudao, as friendly as he might have been with Kaori, wasn’t one to let favors go unpaid. Every action had a consequence, and no good deed went unpunished. “No problem,” “anytime,” all of the alternatives to a “you’re welcome” bypassed the important, universal constant that time was money. And he wouldn’t be apt to let his teammate forget that.

Regardless of Sudao’s beliefs, the talk of dog food amused him, if only slightly. Kaori could be stubborn – to say that he had anything less of a one track mind was, well, wrong, at least when it came to things that were important to him. The oaf was definitely family oriented; he clearly cared for his family, animals included. Sudao mused that he was the same way, though his family lacked the obvious displays of affection that the Yakshiros did. Rather, the Aoyama were bent on making their own lives easy through hard work and the money that came with it. They showed their affection by making the rest of their clan’s lives softer, less dangerous even.

Sudao had been an important pawn in that game, gaining influence in the village for them. By making it to jounin, he had in fact put his family in a position of prominence within the ninja realm as well, rather than just the civilian world. It was an interesting dynamic for him to think on – from the time that he had joined the academy, his parents put their faith in him, supposing that he might not only help them win their game of marketing strategy, but change the game entirely.

He wondered if Kaori’s family had done anything similar.

“I imagine that I should let you be going, then. I have my own work to finish up for the day as well.”

He stood, throwing down a wad of cash that would cover their bill. He offered his teammate another diplomatic smile and turned to leave.

“See you soon.”
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