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Default The Celestial Fist II:The Kraken's Wrath

The Celestial Fist II (p1)

/The Kraken's Wrath/

On a small sail ship manned by a Wave Country captain, large enough to fit a cabin and a few stowaways, there lied two of the most powerful shinobi in the world. Contemporaries in skill and in reputation, comrades in arms and kindred spirits. The two men stood shoulder to shoulder on the bow of the ship, looking ahead to the island on the horizon.

Seirei no Shima, the Island of Spirits.

"Oy! Ninja! Ship ahead!"

Sanada Sanshiro was the taller of the two figures but it was obvious that he was the younger one and there was a certain difference and respect that he gave the shorter man next to him. The teenager known as The Fist had foregone his normal hoodie to replace it with a large white jacket with a tower insignia on the back--a tribute to his samurai sensei Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko. A Konoha head band kept brown hair out of green eyes and a rather refined but simple steel katana was on the side of his hip.

"It's about to be that time Taichou," The Fist said as he slipped off the jacket and a pair of wings began to sprout out of his back, "You ready?"

A stupid question.

Renchishin Hitoko was born ready.

The two ninja had crossed paths a few times throughout the last couple of years, first during a Konohagakure Chuunin exams, then a duel in Iron Country and finally a mission that spanned from River to Suna itself. They had bled together, they had killed together, they had fought both together and then against one another. Their bond transcended country and their power transcended their countrymen.

The Sennin of Sand, The Dragon Emperor.

The Prodigy of Leaf, The Fist.

While it had been both money and duty that had bonded the two in River Country, it was now a familial struggle that forced The Fist to turn to his comrade and mentor in this hour. Sanada Masakage, traitor and master to the Sanada bloodline, through subterfuge, deception and force had recruited and masterminded a plan to create a new Jinchuriki out of his own unborn child.

A month ago Sanshiro had dueled Masakage himself at the ruin of the old Sanada homeland--a duel that resulted in both the Fist gaining knowledge of Masakage's machinations but also destroying his people's last connection to the past.

Deadly jutsu and insurmountable skill...

"I've picked up a few tricks since last time," he smiled before reaching into his pants pocket and pulling out a cigarette, lighting it with a snap of his finger--he took a few drags and then offered it to the Sennin, "Though you couldn't let me get the glory, huh? Had to go on and get yo ass promoted too? Couldn't go on a vaction or some thing? Muthafuckin' Sennin and shit. You? Guess they give it to anybody nowadays. Tough times indeed and shit."

Fist joked around with his friend and then approached the front of the ship again, staring out at the horizon to the stormy sea. A ship was ahead of them and heading to shore. A military vessel, a pirates barge that seemed to have had some modifcations straight from Water Country itself. It totally outclassed the small cargo ship that Fist had procured...

And it bares dangerous cargo as well...

The wings of the Fist were brown as his hair but large enough to both carry his weight and catch attention. With other ninja and in another situation he might've showed reticence...

But maybe that's why these two ninja got along so well? It was only with each other that their full potential for destruction could be realized. And Fist knew and Hitoko as well, that underneath all their heroics and achievements, all their medals and accolades...

They were still just two men addicted in equal parts to violence and victory.

"You see that ship ahead?", Fist pointed to the horizon, "We can end this shit right now. Let's go, cut 'em off at sea."

Straight into the fire...

The only way to fight side by side with a dragon.

"Heh," he smiled, "Call me crazy but it's good to be back in business with the one homie I know can handle his muthafuckin' business. Woo! Woo! Woo! Let's get it! Let's get it! Let's get it!"

The most deadly shinobi in the world...

Complete and total professionals.


Don of the Sanada Family
Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

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