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So the thing about some jellyfish is that they aren't really a single organism. They're an entire colony of tiny little cells, all functioning together in harmony to produce what appears to be one large animal. It was a beautiful metaphor for how working together individuals can overcome problems and also an extremely painful science lesson for Masato.

Even while running Masato continued to fruitlessly paw at his face. The tentacles had been shredded, but their painful toxin still remained on his skin. “THIS IS NOT MY HAPPY PLACE!”

All around them sirens blared. Something about 'loss of pressure' and 'hull breach' and 'imminent life support failure'. Didn't sound terribly important. Masato managed to scream some semi-intelligent blurbs in between the pained cries. “YO, LET'S GO GRAB OURSELF AN ESCAPE THING.” He turned and blundered into the big storeroom that Hajime's buddy had been talking about before getting tentacled to the face. The area was large (for being inside a submersible) and all along the walls were rows of what seemed like empty cylindrical slots, as though there had been oversized batteries there at one point.

Some helpful signage pointed out that those empty spots were 'escape pods'. After a second of clever deduction Masato came to a conclusion.


As if on queue, the glasses wearing buddy Hajime had rescued from a locker came scampering up behind them. “There are emergency pods in the engine room! We can go there!”

After an even shorter sprint Masato nearly pulled the bulkhead to the engine off with his strength. The entire area below was bathed in a dark red light and massive amounts of steam rose up from the depths, severely reducing visibility.

Even through the pain the chuunin was having quite a bit of run with all the rushing around. “LAST ONE THERE IS A BUTT FACE”
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“Oi, wait a second,” Hajime said. “I thought you was dead?”

It had bothered the Genin that he had not been able to keep save the assistant, then again he had never really promised to save the guy had he? Huh, looks like there was nothing to feel guilty about after all.

“Ha! Even if you beat me you still have the buttiest butt face around bro!” Hajime tore off after the Chuunin, the boy was having trouble running down the corridor. The submersible must have taken a leak somewhere, the corridor was flooded in water.

“Do you think that monster knows about the engine room?” The assistant asked, easily keeping up with Hajime.

“Don't see how, only the crew knew. Heck, I didn't even know there were escape pods,” the genin replied, then pushed forward.

The assistant looked around and hurried to catch up.

The engine room looked to have been the busiest room in the sub, at least before someone let a rhino in and tore it to shreds

Hajime let out a whistle.

“Oh no,” The assistant let out. “The engines are about to shut down. We'll have to put in the override. If we don't and the engines shut down we won't be able to launch the escape pod.

That sounded a bit counter productive to the boy, but then again he wasn’t the sharpest kunai in the pouch.

“Well hurry up. That guy could be here anytime.”

The assistant nodded and put a code into the computer. A robotic voice came over the speakers in the engine room. “Engine shutdown overridden, engine self-destruct initiated. Please have a nice day.”

Hajime turned to the assistant. “Self-destruc?”

A tentacle shot out from the assistant's sleeve, attached to it was a familiar lobster claw. The claw latched onto Hajime and Hajime felt a dozen knives bite into his skin before being thrown into a wall.

“I know the moment's passed, but the guy is already here.”

The assistant melted, and where a man once stood a monster loomed.

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One tentacle, as before, was aimed for Masato's face. Even someone as dense as him wouldn't fall for the same thing twice.

For the time being the added adrenaline of round 2 brought his voice down to normal levels. “What kind of surprise attack is that!” The chuunin spun in place and quickly snatched up a wrench buckled to his suit, smashing the claw midair like a baseball. “You gotta learn some new tricks, chum!”

Several more claws burst out from in between the piping around them. Masato effortless cracked them open like they were steamed crab legs. “Ha! You're on my home turf now. Look at all this mist!” The chuunin pulled back his ichor-coated weapon to point and laugh at the still amorphous foe. “How about this: I'll bash your head in until you un-press that button. Sound cool?”

The sea monster didn't even give a snarky response this time. Instead it just dropped Hajime and quickly scuttled away into the poorly lit room. “Shit! Hajime, go fix the, uh, the whatever it was he did." Masato made as much haste as he could in the clunky suit. There was time yet to save the day!

Several more tentacles burst from all directions but like the seasoned pro he was the chuunin dispatched them one by one. Now he was in his groove. “You just gonna hide? What, are you part suckerfish or something?” Parts of the engine room were already partially submerged. Not that it mattered to a Mist shinobi! Still, the ceiling was so low that it forced him to move into chest-deep water. “I've seen eels with more ambition than this. I think I've eaten things that put up more of a fight- HOLY SHIT” The massive head of a shark burst out from under the red water and sought to clamp its rows of shredding teeth around the chuunin's exposed face. Masato responded by sinking his fist deep into the monster's throat and grabbing a fleshy handful full of whatever was down there.

The shark-head attempted to gnaw but found the thick material too difficult to pierce. “Nice suit, isn't it?” The chuunin smashed the shark against a nearby pipe before withdrawing his arm (along with a meaty chunk) from the mouth. A moan-like noise came from the best.

“And now the finisher!”
The chuunin wound up and took a mighty swing with his wrench. The shark-creature ducked. What a stupid mistake that was-

The wrench hit another pipe, causing it to burst. Scalding hot steam sprayed right into the beast and began pouring into the surrounding water, boiling everything that stood there alive.

Except for Masato! Boy, that suit really did do everything.

The chuunin waddled out of the water and began frantically gesturing towards his partner. “Blow him up again! We got him good this time!”

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Hajime pressed down a key.

Nope, that didn't do anything. He moved on to the next letter on the keyboard. “H” didn't do anything, maybe “J” would? Still nothing, the numbers on the screen till the self-destruct continued to scroll down. Hajime pressed his tongue to his teeth, this computer thing was hard.

What would Masato do? He knew what Masato would do.

The Genin punched the keyboard, breaking it with his mighty child strength. Huh, that didn't solve anything, a voice over the intercom continued to count down seconds. They just hit the double digit numbers. Whelp, he did all he could, truly this was now in the hands of some higher power. Or he could just get the hell out of dodge. There was one escape pod left. The Genin made his way to it.

Hajime to Masato's scream.

Oh. that's right, he needed Masato as well.

He was already reaching into the pouch that had the explosive tags when something big and ugly burst out of the water right past the waddling Masato.

“Out of the way!” The asshole yelled as he knocked the genin out of the way of the escape pod. Hajime made the attempt to block the entrance to it, but the man easily overpowered the beaten and bloodied Genin. The boy was pushed to the water as the man got into the escape pod shooting a grin at the genin.

The Genin snarled before pounding on to the escape pod. He could hear the man laughing at him. That was fine, Hajime would get the last laugh. He slapped a hand on the window. The man suddenly stopped laughing as he looked at the little “fuck you” Hajime left on the window. Now Hajime started laughing, and before anything else could happen the boy pushed a button on the side of the pod shooting it into the depth of the ocean. A second later the submersible shook as the explosive tags detonated.

The timer was on five now.

Hajime looked at Masato.


He shrugged.


This was it.


“Masato, I am never going anywhere with you ever again.”


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The timer stopped, frozen on the number 1.

Because Masato had smashed it with his fist.

“Ha, see that, bro?” He shot the genin a thumbs up. “Never give up until the last se-”

Then they blew up.


Even an island as vile and dangerous as Seirei no Shima had some pretty nice beaches. White sand, green trees, and the relaxing woosh of waves crashing on the shore made for quite a picture, if you could ignore the man-eating animals that lived in any given direction.

The sun had long since set but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. A brilliant moon (with stars accompanying) shone on the surface of the ocean like a billion fireflies. It was the natural beauty of nature, in all its serene dignity, presented to those lucky enough to view it.

And from this limitless and sublime grace came a monstrous hulk of twisted metal and cracked glass and smoking leather, flailing, gasping, sputtering, and generally ruining everything in a chaotic whirlwind of despair.

It broke first from right under the reflection of the moon, as though it were trying to claw its way into the light from the abyss below. Then it splashed around some before sinking again.

A while later the splashing started again, this time closer to shore. This time the metal-caged creature was holding onto something that kept it afloat. It was an ambitious piece of human-man hubris, now a broken and shattered section of flotsam. The monster from the depths clung to the highly buoyant remnants of a toilet seat, the last vestigial fragment of the once noble submersible now buried at the bottom of the sea.

Slowly the creature reached the shore and pulled itself up. It heaved and stumbled as though it could not control its massive weight. Behind it was a long cord, attached to nothing, like an umbilical left severed. The monster was alone.

It reached dry land after a good deal of struggling and seemed to look back at it's lost tail with a forlorn sense of regret. Then the helmet popped off and the night was filled with joyous screaming.

“OHHHHH YEAH, I FUCKIN' LOVE THIS SUIT!” Without any sense of dignity the shinobi shed his cocoon and began to roll around in the wet sand. “BRO! BRO, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!”

Within the suit lay one more, perhaps less energetic creature. It wasn't a suit made for two people to share.

But just because you shouldn't didn't mean you couldn't, right?

OOC: Daredevil archetypes used.

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