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Tetsumi put most of her weight on Takeo, because her legs weren't too enthusiastic about the whole standing thing right now. "Cool, awesome," she responded to his affirmations. "Partners it is, then. Not in crime, though I bet we'd be able to pull it off. In life. Life partners." Tetsumi hid her face in her hands, groaning. "I'm so sorry."

Takeo startled a laugh out of her with his offer of "rules and guidelines." Much to her surprise, the offer had its appeal. "That... would actually be quite helpful," she said slowly. "I don't think either of us has ever 'dated' successfully, so I don't think laying out some situational do's and don't's could hurt anything." Tetsumi knew the gist of what had gone down between Takeo and Ama, and the byline was something snappy about two-way emotional abuse. Tetsumi was coming from a better place from Takeo, so she wasn't worried for her own emotional stability, but the problem of how to handle his delicate psyche may or may not have given her terrible nightmares a few times now.

We'll talk over dinner, Tetsumi thought, deeply relieved. We'll get it all sorted out, and you'll finally be able to sleep easy. Well, as easy as you can with the island full of fucking bijuu, one of which you killed. The chuunin took a deep breath, then let it out. She'd be no use to anyone half-dead and an anxious wreck. What she needed was sleep, food, and relationship guidelines—not necessarily in that order.

By the time they made it to Last Landing, Tetsumi was struggling to keep her eyes open. Maybe in that order, she realized. She opened her mouth to warn Takeo, but her words were stolen by jaw-cracking yawn.

"Maybe we can talk during breakfast," the chuunin muttered. "I think the... I think the day's catching..." she yawned again. Had the short walk from the forest to the town really taken that much out of her?

"Can you help me get back?" she asked Takeo, then, more hesitantly, "I would... I would like it if you stayed."
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Life partners…I don’t… He wasn’t quite sure what the other Chuunin was alluding to, but Takeo was willing to roll with it, at least for the time being. She was paying for some food even though it was her actions that had put the two of them into harm’s way. It was a fair trade off for everything that had happened.

He had helped her back and then almost as soon as they had sat down at a small little place to eat, Tetsumi was ready to leave. A laugh escaped the redhead’s lips before he waved a hand to the woman that had come out to take whatever order that the shinobi might have had. It was apparent to him that the small little food shacks around the landing had orders to treat the shinobi with honor. The woman nodded a little bit, glancing towards Tetsumi’s drifting and disappeared back into the shack from where she came.

”I’ll take care of you Tetsumi. We’ll talk about all of that stuff in the morning, no problem.” He wasn’t sure where her ‘room ‘was, but he had no issues in letting her sleep in his bad so that’ where he went.

Takeo had moved to pull Tetsumi onto his back and then to the room where he was assigned to stay. Upon getting there, he had laid her down gently in the bed type thing where he was to sleep before taking a few steps away, content in sleeping on the floor. Of course the room was too small for his eyes to go anywhere without seeing what she was going out of the corner of his eyes.

Takeo was focused on his sword, determined to actually work on the blade and become more familiar with it until he saw the hands from the Aburame grabbing for something. His eyes quickly glanced around, wondering what exactly she could be reaching for but realized that there was nothing else that she would care about.

After taking a deep breath Takeo tried by just putting his hand and arm in between her reaching hands, but that yielded nothing. It wasn’t long before he found himself laying on the bed next to her. His arms wrapped around her, keeping her close to him but the positions shifted so that he was facing the opening of the room that they were staying in. He know that he wasn’t really one to sleep well so if something were to happen, he’d be able to wake up quickly and keep his ‘queen’ safe. But the day was over only time could tell what the next day would bring.
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