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Default Event - The Lost Lac

Part One – The Lost Lac

To the Lac, the jungle has always been something to be feared. Things live in the dark, waiting for some poor Lac to stumble his way out of safety and into waiting claws and fangs. And now, with shinobi starting to crawl through the trees and disturb all manner of ancient beasts, the jungle is more dangerous than ever before. But this is not the first time outsiders have descended on the island and the Lac have mostly let the shinobi run towards death, simply moving camps along the beach as needed. But still, now and then, whenever a camp moved, not everyone would arrive. A son, a daughter, an elder, a hunter, no matter who it was, they disappeared.

But they didn't stay gone.

Jintek is abuzz with activity as reports are coming in about a ransacked camp. It's not the first time a camp has been lost, and it probably won't be the last, but this one wasn't torn apart by jaguars or dragged into the swamp by sleepers. No, this one was scorched, burned to the ground, and not by the elusive titans. The survivors, what few haven't succumbed to injuries, say the Lac did this. Well, not the Lac, so much as a single Lac, one who conjured up fire and lightning as easily as breathing. Even the veterans of Last Landing are stumped.

Well, maybe not all of them.
Welcome to the first part of the Seirei no Shima opening event – The Lost Lac. For this event, teams of up to 3 player characters will be able to sign up for story missions. These teams can be prearranged, but this will be first come, first serve. For the sake of my sanity and out of respect for your fellow players, each player may only sign up for one mission. This means, no matter how many characters you have, you won't be able to play more than one per part.

Jintek Missions

Hunters Gather - claimed by Ishiburo Goban (Granspear) and Saitsuki Yori (Kaen)
As soon as the destruction of the camp was confirmed, the call went out for a team of hunters. While wiping out jungle cats and lizards is all but impossible, Jintek wants the Lac responsible captured and returned to Last Landing. The shinobi recruited are expected to be able to get to the distant campsite and begin tracking. Live capture of the Lac is preferred, but not necessary.

Kajoukami Missions

Market Share - claimed by Masato Kurusu (Junge) and Hashimoto Daisuke (Seikon)
With Jintek in disarray over the sudden, unexpected attack, Kajoukami has decided to try to take advantage. Using hired shinobi, they plan to launch a series of small scale attacks to rid the island of a few more Jintek camps, targeting valuable locations that Kajoukami would rather see under their own control. There are two rules: no warnings and no suvivors.

Tori Trade Missions

Unusual Suspect - claimed by Akagawa Anji (CNagy) and Chouku Shuju (Kapeesh)
Initially, reports of a woman in the water were dismissed as normal sailor talk – delusion brought on by stays at sea. But in light of Jintek's situation with the Lac, the reports are now under a more thorough investigation. Workers tasked with recovering lost ships have reported the woman with increasing frequency and Tori Trade fears that it's just a matter of time before she decides to attack a camp of her own. After all, teams have already suffered some 'accidents' on dives.

Kanshinin Missions

Temple Run - claimed by Aburame Tetsumi (Oak), Hanarabi Takeo (Kana) and Nara Hitomi (Will of Fire)
Of all the forces on the island, the Kanshinin have seemed least affected by the news of the attack. Rather than start panicking and whipping up strike teams, the Kanshinin have largely disappeared from view in the midst of the chaos – most of them went to protect Lac villages from retaliation. But a handful are looking for help getting to one of the many hidden ruins, approaching some shinobi directly rather than put out a public notice. Details on the ruin are scarce, but the Kanshinin promise it's important.

Please post in this thread with a) the mission you'd like and b) your teammates. Once threads begin, I may or may not be in contact with players individually to divulge special objectives, details, and so on.

Special Bonus

In addition, any character that completes a standard length thread on the island will receive 1 GMAP. This reward is in addition to any other thread rewards and counts even for threads that can't be rated due to the simultaneous thread rule. This GMAP can be claimed once per character per event phase.

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Claiming Temple Run for Aburame Tetsumi (Oak), Hanarabi Takeo (Kana), and Nara Hitomi (Will of Fire). Leaf Chuunin Team, yeeaaaaaaaah!
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Ishiburo Goban (Granspear) and Saitsuki Yori (Kaen) are up for Hunters Gather.
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Claiming MARKET SHARE for Masato Kurusu (Junge) and Hashimoto Daisuke (Seikon babycrycry)


AP: 33

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Claiming the Tori Trade mission, Unusual Suspect, with Akagawa Anji (in my signature). I'm open to teaming up with anyone or anytwo, PM me and we can get this party started.

Edit: Team formed with Kapeesh, who is bringing along his Sand Puppeteer, Chouku Shuju.
Courtesy of Oakapea

AP: 16

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