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Default Seirei no Shima - Mission Examples

Island of Spirits Mission List

The following is a list of example missions and story hooks you can use to create threads on Seirei no Shima. Missions are designed without a rank or squad type in mind, so feel free to alter them as you see fit. Obviously, these are just examples, and a great many other kinds of threads can be done on and around the island – let your creativity take you. Missions are designed without a rank or squad make up in mind and should be scaled to be appropriately challenging as the players see fit. The missions listed here do not need to be claimed and may simply be done. If multiple groups take similar missions, that's perfectly acceptable and a chance for different groups to take their own stories different directions.

Note: This list will not include Event Missions, which require GM participation.

The Man-Eater Grove
The request seemed simple enough – go to the jungle and pick a few flowers. But, this is Seirei no Shima, and nothing is ever quite what it seems. The plants in the forest are alive and mobile, with vines that twist through the air and over the ground to trap shinobi and drag them towards colossal pitcher plants or barb-lined flytraps. Others have already fallen to these carnivorous plants, and Jintek doesn't mind hiring a new squad if another gets killed.

Cargo Recovery
A lot of ships go down around the island, even nowadays when it has a thriving port. Whether the ship went down last week or last century is irrelevant; its cargo is now a prize to be fished up. To the east, coral has grown over sunken ships and provides shelter for all manner of strange dangers. To the west, privateers from Water and Lightning have set up shop to prey on boats and dredge up lost riches of their own. And sometimes, the cargo hardly seems worth it, just a tattered scroll in a case or a locket clutched by a skeletal sailor.

Tunnel Run
The mines are a relatively new operation and, as experienced as Kajoukami is, Seirei presents unique dangers. The tunnels are plagued with problems and the miners don't like being put in harm's way. Sometimes, giant moles break through, tracking the miners by vibration. At other points, they strike a wall and find vast caverns and passages already dug out...littered with traps and the long dead. Glowing fungi spring up wherever the miners work like clockwork, accompanied by an outbreak of massive centipedes. Whether the culprit is the island or the nukenin in Kajoukami's employ, take care of it.

Luck of the Lac
The Lac don't often come to the foreigners for help, but they know that shinobi can do things they can't. Their coastal villages have problems that seem more mundane to the casual eye: cutting back the pale shark population, finding a misplaced relic, or helping bring in a harvest from tiny farms. But, at the same time, the Lac are finding themselves coming in conflict with the new groups on the island, having to deal with the big companies setting up disruptive camps or chasing them out of their homes. On top of it all, the Lac don't have much in the way of ryou, so these kinds of missions aren't good for paying the bills.

Proxy War
While the island is technically neutral ground and Last Landing itself well-staffed with foreign guard, that doesn't mean Seirei is safe from mainland politics. A lot of people come and go on the island, and that means business for shinobi. Criminals need capturing, officials need extorting, and old rivalries flare up without warning. The jungle has become home to skirmishes between shinobi, both village and nukenin, and wanted posters plaster the streets of Last Landing. The island is a crossroads for all manner of dangerous lives, and is the final stop for some.

Real Monsters
Walking through the jungle is risky, and the predators are a big part of that danger. Tigers, constrictors, and other jungle animals exist on the island, as do unique species like the raptors. They aren't the worst the island has to offer, but they are the most common. Sometimes, they interrupt what should have been an easy mission, and sometimes they are the mission, whether Jintek wants their parts or they've been harassing someone's camp. And they aren't even the worst Seirei has to offer: the night hunters are real.

Echoes of the Past
Kanshinin shrines dot the island and most travelers have at least seen those placed at random throughout Last Landing. Deeper into the wilderness, though, there are other signs of civilization. Every once in awhile, someone discovers a ruin, an ancient stone hovel that's collapsed and overgrown, or maybe a burial chamber hidden in the foothills. The ruins usually look to be of Lac origin, but sometimes they're covered in carvings of old Leaf legends or contain caches of busted Naga technology. Whatever the contents, whatever the origin, these ruins always become hotspots and bloodshed over them is nearly inevitable.

Vision Quest
A lot of spooky stuff happens on Seirei no Shima and some of it will go forever undocumented. There are places on the island that resonate with particular people in strange ways. The Lac tell stories of visions, and shinobi have begun to discover them on their own. The trees of the jungle open up to wooden replicas of the hidden villages populated by people woven of light. The beach sands split into a wide ravine where quicksilver bubbles up with the voice of the dead. A lone monkey sits perched on a boulder, speaking in riddles. You can tell your friends, but they won't believe you, and the Lac say that those who spill their words soon find themselves spilling their blood.
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