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Default The most epic fight ever

(Closed to Fishkiller25 and I)

Kanari strolled up to the border between Sand and Leaf, thinking of the bizarre dreams she'd been having. The gods were visiting her in her dreams, and demanding she show up at a certain time, on a certain date. She noticed her abilities becoming a lot stronger the closer she got to the border, almost as if her dreams were true; About the legendary warrior from the Leaf village, their spectacular battle, and the pants-wetting awesomeness that will ensue.

Her mind was so focused on this, that she tripped over a rock, and fell flat on her face. Kaori made a sound that could be considered laughter, and Kanari slowly got up, noticing she'd walked past the border, and was in a dense forest, with healthy grass, and a few small animals hiding from Kaori. Turning around, she noticed the border was clearly visible in a way that was almost comical, it looked as if an unskilled artist had drawn a straight line with a ruler, and two other artists had drawn a forest and a desert on each side.

Kanari quickly hopped back over to the sandy side, noticing Kaori was lifting her leg, and urinating on a tree. She must have seen a dog doing it, and tried to copy it, because instead of a few drops for the scent, she let out way too much, the liquid flowing down the tree and forming a puddle large enough to cover the base of four trees. It was a little odd, but then again, it was kinda cute. She shook herself, and proudly strode back to Kanari's side.

"D'awww, So cute!"

Kanari bent down, and stroked Kaori in long, slow strokes, starting from the neck, and going down to the end of her tail. It doesn't matter if this "Legendary warrior of the Leaf" wasn't going to show up, she had Kaori with her, and that's all she needed.
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Hikaru wasn't exactly sure why he'd come here. His dreams were telling him to go to the border alone, and fight some "Champion of the Sand". Strangely enough, as he was reaching his destination, he seemed to be getting stronger.

He began leaping from trees faster, cracking some of the bark as he landed. He could feel the power welling up inside of him, he could feel his mind sharpening. He decided that anything was worth it, as long as it let him feel like this.

He stopped suddenly, hearing voices up ahead. He jumped off a tree, and hid in the bushes, trying to get a good view of his newest opponent.

She certainly wasn't what he was expecting.

She was very tall, easily the tallest woman he'd ever seen. She was petting some sort of oversized badger, making silly little baby talk to it. Ridiculous.

Luckily for Hikaru, thanks to where he was hiding, and the way she was bending over, he was given a very lovely view of her rear end. He wished he knew some ink jutsu, so he could paint a portrait of her rear end, and sell copies of it on the black market. Unfortunately, she stood up suddenly when she heard his heavy breathing.

Not wanting to appear as perverted as he truly was, he got out of the bushes, his hands raised, smiling reassuringly as he slowly walked closer to her.

"Don't worry, I wasn't staring. My name's Hikaru Matsuruki. I just came here, admiring the view... But not that view, I meant-"

His voice was suddenly cut off by a wet splashing sound. He looked down, and realised he'd just stepped in a puddle. The smell was obvious- He'd just stepped in a puddle of giant badger pee!

"You just... Your pet badger just... Don't you know how to clean up after your pet?!"

He glared at the woman, hatred in his eyes.
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