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Coming around a bit late to snag some AP that may never get used, because I'm a hoarder.

Just kidding, not only coming around for the AP. I normally peek in during March. Funny thing, Engi's birthday is the same day that Ariana was supposed to be due so it is always easy for me to remember. Only this time around, I had a little more on my hands than just a birthday party. Some of you know, some of you don't but we had a new addition to our family back in September, which is why I disappeared during the summer. I didn't want to say anything until I was absolutely sure that she was going to stick around. Of course, new baby meant we had to move into a bigger place and even though we've been here awhile, it is a bit of a fixer upper, so we're still getting settled in.

I joined Engi waaaay back in 2006. I was starting my freshman year in college and planned to major in Early Childhood Education. I had the most awesome job ever working at a call center and we had those "peak times" but when it wasn't busy, you could do whatever you wanted. I had always been into roleplaying. Mom was one of those D&D hippies, and the invention of the internet brought the wonderful play by post nature of chat room and forums. I had gotten into fandom RP and Naruto was at the height of its popularity and I wanted something that, at the time, I thought I wouldn't have to take too seriously. So I went looking for something to do during my downtime at work. Engi was the very first result that popped up.

Engi was so different then. I think Tigre was the global mod? Shirou, Sushy, White Eyes, Hicks, others I totally forgot about until now were GMs. Lol, my first couple of character were pretty bad but everyone was super awesome and very welcoming. I was just getting the hang of the place, had some good characters under my belt, several threads and then LOCKDOWN!

Which is really weird to say was I think what made me get so attached to Engi. It was supposed to be short. Ideas and little hints were being dropped in chat so it wouldn't be such a huge unveiling with everyone scrambling to change characters. I really got to know the people here because all we could was sit in AIM and talk to each other. During lockdown, I found out I was expecting and (again, for those of you who were around and remember) I wasn't having an easy go of it. I had people who would find out I wasn't feeling well and would actually give me a call. The community was, is, so great here. Even though people have come and gone, changes to the forum, ebbs and flows of activity (which I have gotten swept up in as well), and yet a lot of those same people are still around and that is when you know you really have something great. When people stick around on a forum for a freaking decade, going from regular members to EoEs, and mods. And the others, who haven't been here quite as long, who are willing to play with the same five people just to keep a place moving.

The Naurto manga ended. The anime ended. A lot of the people who joined as just fans moved on to other, more relevant fandom things to latch ontto. Engi's set up is ultimately very different from the canon but it kept moving ahead anyways and found a way to till make things work. And maybe that's why some of us have continued to stick around. It isn't Naruto RP, it is Engi. Something inspired by fandom but totally original.

Anyways, yeah, nostalgia trip. I've been up for hours and as soon as Elena (the newest little girl) finishes up her breakfast and goes down for a nap, I'm gonna get some sleep too. I may not be on as much as I used to, but still want to see Engi continue to thrive. <3 Happy (very belated) 13th birthday Engi!
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