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Default [Spoilers] Samurai Jack S05E07

It is that time again folks!

Episode 7 is here, and we get back to more Jack focus. Cuteness, nice setting art, the usual you expect from Samurai Jack. Then of course, it all gets a bit intense.

I still like the new voice actor for Aku. I've heard it said that he isn't trying to fill shoes, he is playing Aku at a different point in his life. When you look at it that way, his performance is grand.

Then Jack goes cray, Ashi goes cray, Ashi keeps going cray, and then we finally get to see Ashi exercise her loyalty to Jack. A nice fight, takes it all to the limit.

Man, the contrast moments in this episode are just great. Brutal fights, then utter calm. Chaotic brawling, to complete route action. Loved it.

Now here is your beauty shot for the episode.

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