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Default [River] King of the Ring

Theme: Murder by Death - Rumbrave

”Trust me, I’ll be back. Either way, you hold the leash. If I don’t come back or I ever make you doubt me, do what you must. But 'here' does me no good, boss.”

Metsubishi, River Country, Four Weeks Ago

Sweet, seductive smoke wove its way through the doorway and into the crowded streets, encircling the citizenry, accompanied as it was by the siren song of music and gambling. More than a few men and women were drawn into the dim depths, pressing through the throng to find a place. As they passed through the entrance, a dozen posters convinced them to come and see, beckoning like the beasts of prophecy.

One man sat at the bar, set apart from the growing crowd by his presence. Dressed and groomed in the manner of riches, but not wealth, a gaudy cigarette holder hung from his lips beneath a neatly trimmed moustache, the gems and metal glinting in what light was present. This man surveyed the establishment perhaps not as a king over his domain, but as a vizier, the right hand of power. He was not focused on savoring the accomplishments, but on calculating the coffers, the odds, the purses. He was a simple man of simple hungers, but his zealous pursuits of those hungers made him a success.

The bartender came over and placed a stout glass of a brownish-amber liquid at his place on the bar, a sprig of something suspended through a slice of lime on the edge delicately altering the taste. “Good crowd tonight, Morimoto-san,” the man spoke curtly, taking a moment to wipe up any mess on the bar, leaving the intricately inlayed wood pristine and polished.

Morimoto turned to regard his employee, carefully grasping the glass and making eye contact from behind gold-rimmed glasses. “Of course it is. We have the best drinks, the most beautiful women, and the best action in town.” As he spoke, one of the waitresses came behind the bar, exchanging an empty tray of drinks for a fresh one and depositing a sack of coins in a box filled with others. She cut her eyes to glance at the older man, smiled at his praise, and departed back into the sea of customers.

The bartender’s gaze lingered on the departing beauty, as dangerous a weapon as any sword and wielded with more skill any samurai against the wallets of the paying customer. “I suppose you are correct, boss, but, I mean...I am still surprised so many people would come and bet against him. You’d think they’d catch on eventually. This guy is unreal,” Sojiro stated with the casual exasperation that few professions know better than bartenders, filling the empty tray back up with various cocktails and some sake as he freed himself from the silent siren song.

Morimoto took a deep drag of his cigarette before raising the glass to his lips. Savoring the sip, silence hung imposingly about the promoter even amongst the din of the betting parlor. His eyes drifted from the bar to the betting parlor, the line a frenzied rush of men trying to get their bets in before it was too late. From the betting parlor, his heavily lidded eyes swung next to the seats, filled beyond capacity by men and women with his waitresses weaving through, selling drinks and more to prince and pauper alike with little more than a smile and a suggestion. And, finally, resting his eyes on the ring, interwoven steel serving as a barrier between 'polite society' and the savagery to come. The thin rule of law...

“Because, Sojiro, there is nothing people wish to see more than the mighty laid low. Never something people hope for more than to see the mighty humbled.” The sip gone, Morimoto followed it up by a much deeper drink.

Morimoto let out a sigh in the wake of the harsh liquor, savoring the burn as an predatory smile crept across his face.“So long as we can make them believe that the odds are against him, they will keep hoping. And we will grow fat off their hope.”

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

Robert E. Howard, King Kull
||GM, Arechihana Bloodline Clan of Sand||
||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
\\Shoda Hoshihana, Cloud Jounin//
//Arechihana Sasori, Spartoi\\
||Yotarou Ouji, SUNA chuunin||Koike Kano, ANBU||
||Hasami Kuma, the Iron Devil of Sound||Tsubasa Kinoshita, Rain Jounin||

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