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Default Quiet As A Mouse

Quiet As A Mouse
An Advulture with Imamuraya Asu-kyah and Kiku'jumanji Jun'kyoh

Closed to VirtualDream and Kibe.

Asuka was happy to be back on the water, even though the last time she had been on a boat, she had been stabbing a Vulture-summoning pirate in the gut. There was something soothing about being on the sea, and the small steam-operated motorboat had restored much of the illness Asuka had endured from the sweltering heat of the Vulture Clan's island home.

"Who would have thought that those wrinkly birds lived so close to... what did they call it? Seirei no Shima?" Asuka let the sea breeze sweep through her hair. Her hair, in turn, swept into the face of the young vulture chicklet that was perched on the edge of the motorboat.

"Ow! Goddammit, you little chicken. I will roast you when we get off this boat." Hyosuke, the littlest vulture, looked to be smiling with a few strands of Asuka's hair sticking out of his beak.

"Don't put it in my beak-yeh if kyeh don't want me to bite." The little vulture looked out at the water, as if there was something more interesting in the blank ocean that surrounded them. Seirei no Shima was the closest thing in sight.

"Hey," Asuka's glare softened into a mix of worry and surprise as she looked behind her. "Wasn't your family's island right behind us?"

"Kyeah. But everyone knows the Hagewashi Island always moves." Hyosuke was, in every way, a know-it-all and a brat. "Probably a hun-kyehd miles away now."

The ocean suddenly felt much greater now that Seirei no Shima was the only thing she could see. She could only imagine what Jun'ko was feeling like. Back in Water Country, she hadn't seemed too keen on the ol' open sea.

She would have asked but she was too busy staring out, over the edge of the motorboat. The water was clear enough for her to see below her. A vibrant, pink reef made up of what Asuka could only assume was coral was slowly creeping upwards as they grew closer to the shore. For a moment, she thought she saw movement in the shadows below, but wrote it off as just the way the water was splitting at the bow.

It wouldn't be long now.

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