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Default Non-shinobi Countries

City of Kings
Sennou no Shi - Iron Country

A grim place, Shi is built almost entirely of bricks as tall and wide as a man. There are mountains on all sides of the city, and as the city expanded outward people have carved their homes out of the mountainside. Power lines run out from the center of the city, spreading out above the street and up the sides of the mountains. It is bare place, Shi. The city streets were built in such a way as to help defend against invaders, and everything has been reinforced with steel. Though they are walled in on all sides, they are ready for anything.

The only convenient way to access the city is through the tunnels. Trains run through great holes blasted in the earth with an incredible abundance of explosives and release their passengers before starting again and running through another hole in the other side. The train is the only legal way into the city, and any who come by any other route risk death at the hands of the guards—hired shinobi from all villages and the guard of Sennou no Shi.

The city is the center of the shinobi world, and part of the Iron Country, who lack any shinobi of their own. They make up for this by being prepared. The guard of Sennou no Shi is the most professional non-shinobi force in existence and their skill rivals that of any decent shinobi, and there are a great deal more of them in the city at any given time than there are shinobi.

Shi prides itself in being the neutral party, the diplomatic center of the world. Everyone is safe here. Shinobi at war pass each other in the street with little more than dirty looks. Even missing-nin are welcome, if they have not broken the law of Iron Country in particular. Most non-shinobi countries use Sennou no Shi as an intermediary between themselves and the shinobi villages, and in doing so establish a powerful third party to keep either side from cheating the other. The Last Legion are the first and last authority in Iron Country; they protect the peace of the country with martial force when necessary, no matter who is involved.

Shinobi in particular find Sennou no Shi incredibly useful. Two nations can meet on common ground to discuss terms for any deal. While friendly nations often handle one another outside this medium, hostile ones find it indispensable.

It is not uncommon for Sennou no Shi to hire shinobi itself, to help guard things that non-shinobi would have trouble keeping from shinobi hands. They meet shinobi from other villages and work with them; in Shi they have an opportunity to interact with the shinobi of other villages that they might have otherwise never had.

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