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Default Engi no Turkey!

Happy Thanksmas Everyone!

For some of you, its time to celebrate everything that you're grateful for. I'm grateful for Black Friday sales that let me fix my computer and post again at last

Sorry about that...

For this months mini-contest, lets try something a little harder than last years - Tell us something your character shouldn't be grateful for, but somehow is.

Example: Hana is weirdly grateful for the Civil War that almost destroyed her country. It gave her a sense of purpose that shes been struggling to find again ever since... plus it killed off all her childhood bullies, which was unexpectedly cathartic

OR if your character isn't quite that much of a psychopath, you can tell us a silver lining that they are grateful for in an otherwise awful event. Its all about finding the positive in life after all!

As always, a prize for everyone who enters, along with some bonuses for those that really make us go ooh...

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Kazuhiko is thankful for the karamushi that live inside him. Yeah, they might shorten his lifespan, and yeah, they might cause his clan a ridiculous amount of problems when new acquaintances find out that he’s a Maeda, but they’re just so good at killing his enemies!
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