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Default A Thick Slice Of Cow Pie


An Island Arc, featuring Imai Hayate, Imamuraya Asuka, and Daichi the Boring Swordsman [NPC].
PART ONE; A Thick Slice Of Cow Pie
"Alright, team-"

"Not this again." Asuka, true to her soul, was in a piss mood yet again. And she was not going to let Daichi try to distract her from that.

"Asuka! Why do you insist on being difficult every time?!" The chuunin swordsman was at his wit's end with his genin charge. It was only their fourth or fifth mission together - four or five too many - but Asuka had proven, time and again, that she was a difficult subordinate to work with, and that there was very little Daichi could do about it.

"It's not my fault you're so boring about all these things!" Asuka stepped off the small tug boat that had transported the trio, Imai Hayate being the only useful member on the team at that moment, tying their tug to the dock. Daichi, ruefully, looked towards his fellow man in the three-man squad, his eyes pleading for assistance with the difficult girl as Hayate continued being busy tying knots.

"Don't go looking at Imai, Daichi-baka! He won't help you with being so dull." Asuka's long, purple hair fell all about her face as she got up close with her supervisor, trying to cut in between the two boys. She was sick of Daichi trying to turn Hayate against her. While yes, she was getting nicer and fonder of Hayate, nothing was changing in her for Daichi, and trying to steal Asuka's one distant chance at friendship didn't help.

"That's right. Now let's go meet this family and see what we can do about hurrying this mission up."

It seemed common for the trio that Asuka would be the one to act first, Daichi playing less of a commander and more of an incredibly powerful sidekick and peacekeeper to Asuka's reckless ferocity. Daichi was trying to work more on hiding the details of their missions together, in hopes that Asuka not knowing so much would keep her from using Daichi as her personal stepping stool.

He was trying, but today he had failed. The team had learned what they were up for on the boat ride there; Two weeks - "TWO WEEKS?!" - on the Oka Isle - "Where the hell?" - carrying out security - "Who do they think we are?!" - for Prince Oka'Omada's tenth birthday - "Whose what? Tenth?! Are you shitting me?"

Needless to say, Asuka's mood had changed drastically over their trip to the little known island of Oka, where the Oka'Omada clan raised their world famous cattle. It was heralded by most of the islands and the coastal cities as being the best beef in the world. Asuka had even been lucky enough to eat it a few times, thanks to her family's lavish lifestyle.

Despite the beef's widespread reputation for it's savory richness, the whole day left a sour taste in her mouth.

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