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Default 16th Engiversary: The Silver Lining

Whoa is that the 11th of March? That means it is some kind of...


Whoa, that was a slow year wasn't it folks? We got back on track a few times, the global arc is iiiiinching closer to being finished, and we had some fun here and there. Otherwise, not a ton happened, and you can definitely feel it. But that's okay, as I've said times before, Engi is here to be a community for us. Even if that means you are only here to talk to us in Discord, that is more than nothing at all. Many of us have grown to the point that it is difficult to keep up with our old pace. Some of us (like me) are now ancient monstrosities that no longer remember what a manga is. I spend most of my days shaking my fists at clouds and asking young people what a fidget spinner is.

The 16th anniversary is the Silver anniversary. So here is the silver lining.

- Hey, I'll finish more of the rewards from the Donation Drive this year, yay!
- Man, we are super close to finishing that global arc, woo hoo!
- Also all of you are getting 8ap if you post in this thread to claim it!

I don't want to make new promises this year, I want to use this year to finish what we have already started. Instead of building up more goals that we can fall short of, time to cross the finish line where we know we are almost there.

Remember you guys, you are the people who donated thousands to children's charity. Never let anyone say that Engi isn't a force for good. Even if some of you play some of the worst human beings known to the internet, you are all part of a community that really cares.

Here is to another year of Engi!
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Posting to claim my funbux.
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¤Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
¤Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
¤Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
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Happy Birthday Engi! I shall add this AP to my stash.
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Happy birthday, engi.
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I still remember the sense of wonder I had when discovering Engi for the very first time. It's insane to me that it's been around for more than half my life.

Really only here for that 8 AP though so... (^:

make my monster growww!!!


AP: 56
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Originally Posted by merdle View Post
I spend most of my days shaking my fists at clouds and asking young people what a fidget spinner is.
And at this point, I think fidget spinners are old news too. Time moving too quick!

I don't know what came over me today, I just randomly decided to come check in on Engi like I usually do and - boom, it so happened to be the Engiversary. Engi helped me develop my voice as a writer and kept my pen sharp through the years. Been at it since I was 15, and I finally decided to tackle a 'novel' series involving Hitoko and I have this place to thank for it.

Don't want to get long winded, but I'm hoping the community continues to grow - or at least stay tight with one another. Looking forward to what else develops!

Claiming the AP, too.
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u havin a giggle m8
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I usually prefer to toss my AP to the posters who come after, but that's not very fair to the people who post first, right? So I'll promise 2 AP to the next 4 people who aren't me who complete a thread. Now we're all on equal ground (;

Hopefully I'll be able to push some more lists this year! Keep the reg alive, folks!
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Hey hey everyone, just checking in to say hello! Glad Engi is still here. I am still around, although very busy.
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I really do wonder what this year holds in store for Engi. With the world-wide quarantine, you have to either look for the silver linings or flat out bring them into existence with your own two hands. What I can say is there is no longer a constraint to any of my writing.

May this year be my most active since joining. May it bring new life to our community as people rediscover their passions. May it bring clarity, creativity and peace to anxious minds, and escapism wherever it is needed.

May it also bring more opportunities for character growth, both in and out of context. And, to that end, I humbly accept these 8AP

Stay cool, fam, and stay well.
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Is like to get the 8 ap please and thank you.
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