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Ryu's technique could have helped him if one of the black creatures physically went after him, but the attack that struck him came completely out of the blue. One of his orbs was struck by a big and explosive fireball. The explosion caused by the impact completely destroyed all of the flaming orbs and it sent the Jounin rolling away on the ground. However despite the fact that the explosion annihilated his defensive measure he didn't suffer much damage even though the loud grunt might have suggested otherwise.

Thanks to his training in fire-based techniques the Jinchuuriki managed to mostly shrug off the fire damage but the blast itself still shook and slightly agitated him too as it came with a few surprises. The effects of the attack allowed the actual opponent to have an easy shot so the three shuriken all managed to hit Ryu in the shoulder, causing some bleeding but nothing too serious enough to be an immediate concern.

It turned out that Ryu needed to be more worried about Hotaru than about the demonic man. He apparently needed to protect Hotaru while also protecting himself from Hotaru, and that just really complicated things since their opponent was no pushover even without the mind games happening around them. It didn't help that his junior teammate packed more of a punch than he would have expected from a Genin and he wasn't capable of withstanding much more of her attacks without getting hurt.

After being attacked Ryu could clearly see his opponent and Hotaru. There were no longer any black beasts which lead Ryu to believe they were more likely a product of genjutsu rather than the miasma that plagued the forest. However he was at loss as to how to properly ask Hotaru to hold back without seeming like a fake personification of himself since he instructed her to do the exact opposite earlier.

Given the situation the Jounin would have preferred to disable the Genin if he had the means to do so, but none of his items or techniques were suitable for incapacitating her harmlessly.

But perhaps if she was so easily influenced by the illusion, she would still listen to a Ryu that could possibly be fake. She clearly wasn't careful and definitely didn't follow the Jounin’s train of thought.

"Just focus on self defense. Don't attack anything for now." He instructed with the same tone as before and then he went on to unleash a portion of his power.


The Jinchuuriki then went with a very direct approach as opposed to his previous attack that relied on misdirection. He figured his speed had a chance of overwhelming the opponent who so easily predicted his strike. After running straight at the red-eyed man Ryu threw a quick jab with his demon bound gauntlet, aiming it at the man’s chest.

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OOC: I"m not happy with this post, but sitting on it was getting me nowhere

Seeing her jutsu take out the orange orbs was temporarily comforting. Whatever those enemies were preparing, attack-wise were now gone, but the enemies still surrounding the genin weren't looking any worse for wear. Hotaru had used her strongest jutsu she had and the enemies were still just as intimidating and menacing as they had been before.

Before Hotaru really had a chance to consider what exactly to do next, she heard a voice, Kojirou-san's voice. Telling her to focus on self defense. So she wasn't supposed to attack them? Even though they were preparing to attack her? Even though the figures were getting closer and swiping at her. That compulsion still gnawed at her to continue to attack. To strike, but Hotaru focused on what sounded like Kojirou-san's voice.

What if it's a trap to make you vulnerable for an attack?

What kind of trap would someone lay by asking her to defend herself? Commanding her to stand still and do nothing, maybe? But defend? Within the few split seconds Hotaru wrestled wit these thoughts, she couldn't think of a reason for a trap or a decoy to tell her to defend herself--at least not in this situation.

It was a rough decision, but she was resolute, she pulled out a kunai and took a defensive stance.
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