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Default 13 years of engi: A wonderful engiversary

March 11th, 2017

I always dread Engi's birthday. Every year I felt like I needed to give away more stuff, needed to do something larger and more intricate. It makes me feel bad if I don't. Then again, this is also a chance for me to look back at everything Engi is for me, and everything I hope it will be in the future. So whenever I sit down to write this post, that's what I do. I reflect, and in the end, I smile.

No matter how slow Engi becomes, no matter how few people are posting here, this place is always a great part of every former member's memories. People I haven't seen in years will pop in for a few minutes, just to ask me 'how is engi doing?'. They could be members from 7 years ago, and they will say 'suddenly I thought of Engi, and I decided to see how everyone was'.

They remember the laughter, the joy, the ridiculous and incredible stories told here. There were impossible organizations, silly clans, grand tournaments, and epic fights. That was engi. It is also engi now, because there is nothing stopping us from doing the same. Whenever people ask me if engi is dead, or what I'm going to do next, I try to figure out some elaborate scheme to pull activity out of the gutter. But there is one fix I can't do by myself. That is for people to just keep at it. Find someone, start a thread, have fun. Try RPing with new people, chat with someone who seems to like what you like, do something you haven't before.

Because on engi it is possible to create something fun and new. But if you aren't posting, all you can do is remember the posts of the past.

So I'm going to keep doing my part, because I am asked to. You guys here can take my 7AP and enjoy it. But you can also do me a favor and talk about your favorite part of engi down below.
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Yay, lucky 13! Happy birthday Engi n_x

A favourite part of Engi? Goodness that's a tough one, there's so many things over the years that have made Engi as amazing as it is.

I think though, I have to go with what is often a popular answer: the Community of Engi is my favourite part of it.

When I first joined, I was, to put it mildly, not a social butterfly. My school had the idea that if they gave us so much homework as to tie up our afternoons and evenings so entirely that we never had any free time, then there'd be no complaints about mischievous children running around annoying neighbours or townsfolk, caring little about how it socially stunted us. And so, and 11pm at night when I had finally done the days workload I turned to the internet to find some shred of the social contact I lacked, and found this place.

And I mean it literally when I say everyone here was lovely. No one minded I was young and stupid compared to most other members, and most amazingly no one looked down on me for it either. Everyone encouraged and supported each other, both with the forum itself, and with life issues that would often get brought up in chat. And being exposed to such a wide range of people of all different ages, places, and cultures, lots from places that at such a young age I wasn't even aware of yet, I think probably made me into a much more open minded and accepting person than I would have been otherwise, even if I had been able to go out and socialise in my quiet little town.

The best example of this was seeing a couple of members, who's home countries absolutely hated each other, playing and talking together as fast friends, united by being part of this little online community. It warmed my heart then, and is still an idea that gives me hope today as the world becomes more and more divisive on the surface, that I know and have seen for myself that people really just want to get along and enjoy themselves, and that its entirely possible for it to happen.

And that's why, I think, people like to come back and check in every so often. And why so many of the stories and adventures written on this site were so memorable and joyous to do. Plots, narratives, and ideas all fuelled, inspired by, and reflecting all the different backgrounds, personalities, personal struggles and triumphs the melting pot of the Engi community had been through, all combining to make something every single person could enjoy together.

And that's just wonderful.
So you go, Engi. Keep being you.
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Claiming the 7AP. Being so new, I don't have a fun part except doing the Maeda threads with my man Junge and doing sand threads with some people or taking down a couple members of the Bear Claw
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I have to say my favourite part of Engi is coming on every few years and creating a new character, I just love the system and the options and to see what new techniques/clans are available. For me there is something special in creating something new.

Claiming the 7 AP as well.
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I just like the fact that I have probably 40 dead or deleted characters. It's a pure source of inspiration for my real life writing. I always have a fully fleshed out character because I created the ninja version of it already.

Thanks for the AP, merd
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Speaking of old fogies resurrecting, whenever I do pop back up, I seem to find myself around this time of year. Found myself at a con recently, a few friends like to cosplay people from Naruto, felt a little nostalgic, especially since I haven't been able to write anything in a while. Working in a bar ain't the easiest on the mind and body.

Welp, let's see to sticking around longer this time. For better more than worse.
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Love you guys, even compless, stoned and unreliable, I always feel I have a group of friends hidden away. I am glad you all are my secret society. I hope we're around forever just to satisfy old wandering souls who have an untapped desire to pretend to be ninjas!

7AP because why not keep making Fist ridiculous.

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Claiming those bad boys.

I have to say that I love absolutely everything about the site. I think we have the best set-up, the best rules, the best graphics, and the best community out there. I want to thank everyone who keeps Engi running so that people like me can come back to it after a few years and still find the same enjoyment I had from the beginning.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


~ Mist Secondary GM [ in training :P ] ~

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So engi is a teenager now. Damn the years go by fast.
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Will of Fire
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*rises from the abyss*

Daaaaaaaaaang. 13 years. Groce.

I still think of it fondly and often. We should arrpee.

Happy birthday, Engi! I am back in you!

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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