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Halfway through the pot of fish soup they heard it. A wailing, mournful call, like that of a spirit whose soul could not leave this mortal realm. “Shut up, Hisao.” Kanehisa Hidehiko shot the boy a vicious look. “I know what I heard. It was definitely a girl's yell.”

“I didn't hear anything.” Choei put his hand next to his ear.

“Me either.”
Slurped Hisao, spraying soup from his mouth as he spoke.

“Itou heard something.”
Raiju perked up and looked towards the cliff. “You can trust a bat's ears better than a human's.”

The tall boy remained silent, his animal wrapped up in his arms like a weird, long-limbed teddy bear.

The sun finally set and plunged the island into an eerie night. Without trees or foliage, the moon could shine its pale blue light freely. Even so the various rocky outcroppings cast their own strange shadows, making Shineshell Island look bleaker than ever. The wind began to pick up as well as the shifting temperatures encouraged the sea-side winds to blow. “It isn't uncommon for the breeze to sound like a woman's cry.” Choei nodded in affirmation to his own statement. “Plus, it's probably just nerves. Everyone's a little shaken up after that bear encounter.”

“I've been meaning to ask this, too.”
Raiju put his soup bowl down and looked straight at Choei. “How did you find us so fast, anyway? Ichi was leading us, but you don't have a flying animal.”

“Yeah, where the heck is your animal?”
Kanehisa Hidehiko slurped up his own soup as his animal crept closer to the warm coals. “You and Hisao both haven't let them out of their cages yet.”

“Oh, you want to see mine?” Hisao grinned and Raiju frowned as his question got ignored. “I let him loose as soon as we got on the island. He's a master of stealth, I bet none of you even noticed him!”

“My good friend is aquatic.”
Choei played with a button on his sailor uniform and spoke dismissively, as if bored. “I let her act independently, I don't like to drag her around and show her off like a toy.”

The greasy Kanehisa Hidehiko snorted and pointed his spoon as Choei. “No wonder you failed your exam. That's a terrible way to raise an animal!”

“There it was again.”
Raiju stood up and gave a hard stare towards the black horizon. “Surely you guys heard it this time. It was way louder.”


“Not a thing.”

“I heard it, too.”
The tall boy's words came out loud enough that everyone flinched. “That was definitely Ringo!”

The call back came instantly, though the voice was distant and weak. “Kurusu! Call me Kurusu!
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