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Default National Novel Writing Month: The 2019thening

Why hey, look at the time! It's
National Novel Writing Month!

A time for boys and girls of all ages to free themselves of the oppressive shackles of the bourgeois and just like write book! National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short, NaNo for shorter) is a time where participants try to write a short novel of 50,000 words or more purely for the sport of it. Oh, sure, writing 1333 words a day sounds easy, but are you a cool enough person to stick to it for the entirety of the season, INCLUDING Thanksgiving? Well? Are you?!?

For more info you can look at this website , and I assume that by posting that I'm not violating any advertising rules. But hey this is Engi, right? Nobody moves a muscle if there's no incentives. So that's why I'm offering THREE SHINY AP to the first Engi member to validate their 'win', and TWO SHINY AP (while supplies last) for those who complete it regardless. Technically you could write 15 solo threads and qualify for 15 points with the same amount of work but, I mean, AP!

And remember, you can join in at any time. You'll have to play catch-up but what's a game without a little struggle involved?
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I'm here, 9th Nano, and I hope I can keep up the streak. If you want to look me up and add me as a buddy, I'm 'Merdle' on there as well!
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