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“Take a look at these beauties, eh?”

Josuke's gas mask turned downwards to peer into the large trunk as the trader opened it up. There, nestled among a substantial amount of dry yellow hay, lay the objects of Amegakure's interest. The chuunin scarcely got to look at the strange artifacts for longer than a second before the lid of the trunk slammed down tight.

“Thirty thousand each.”
The trader rubbed his fingers together. The eye holes of Josuke's gas mask turned towards the imposing presence of his 'partner' for this job, a ronin Amegakure seemed to be employing more often than not as of late. The samurai was reliable. She also crazy skilled. That combination scared the piss out of Josuke. This would be their third job together yet he was still waiting for her to stab him in the back. To add to that paranoia, in her possession was a suitcase of filthy surface money, since Josuke couldn't be trusted not to drop it. With the way the boat was rocking back and forth that possibility felt too real.

“I only saw four. I thought there was supposed to be more.”
The chuunin spoke in a flat, consistent tone and volume, just loud enough to be heard over a radio blaring some cutesy pop song on the deck above them. A powerful cocktail of medication kept the edges of his terrific fear at bay, almost making him sound professional.

“Take it or leave it, bub.” The trader grunted and pointed an incriminating finger at the young shinobi. “I could report your sorry mug to the Militia and have you arrested-” He snapped, and Josuke flinched. “Just like that.”

The river beneath the vessel churned as another gust of wind from the storm outside rattled its wooden frame. Some small portholes let in the small amount of light that could filter in through the afternoon clouds. The shadowy bowels of the cargo ship didn't do much to hide the hulking bodyguards of the merchant, though. Then again this man probably wanted his muscle to be seen- shinobi or not, starting trouble in a confined space with so many hostile bodies was pure suicide.

He turned and held out one of his long arms to the samurai guarding Amegakure's precious funds. “Let's pay him and get out of here.”
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