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Another one?!

Takumi never wanted to be here in the first place. He took the job because he was ordered to, and despite his undying hatred of everything that required physical exertion, he knew better than berate the requests of his superiors, and more specifically, his father, who had taken up residence in the missions office and seemed quite happy to send him on mission after mission, with little to no reprieve in between. He’d drone on and on about making a man out of him. No more!

“Fine! FINE. F I N E!

Takumi let out a huff and dropped his barnacle scrapping tool on the ground, retreating back to the boat. He shooed Ringo’s chicken out of his way and plopped down in the boat, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a neatly folded manga book. Also under the effects of the genjutsu, he flipped through the book trying to find the last place he’d left off in. He grumbled under his breath, whispering things like, “It had to be otters,” and “What the fuck is a giant, do these assholes talk to whales?” and “Sounds like something straight out of one of these books, but less exciting… …Talking otters heckling the fuck out of two genin that just want to do their job.”

His eyes jolted up, locking on Ringo.

“Sailor! Retreat to the boat! For now anyway. These, uh, otters don’t want us messing with this thing right now. It’s time for a break!” He looked towards the sky for a moment, furrowing his brow. Which direction were they facing again? It didn’t matter! “Come, let us dine upon the rations that the, uh… most esteemed chefs of Kirigakure have sent us!”

He gestured at the nearby picnic basket he'd brought on their voyage for emphasis.

Mom makes the best dumplings.
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