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Maaaaaan, I really expected some old hag.” Ren bent over at his waist and tilted his ear towards Mei. “Are you secretly an old lady, too?

As she forced him to sit down by tugging on his earlobe, he made a show of the pain while gesturing apologies at her. He couldn’t help but notice that Nari was nowhere to be seen, but some of the other girls from earlier in the evening were around. Maybe there was a hierarchy to the staff, no reason to immediately assume everything was sinister.

The skull motif aside.

Playing nice with the powerful old witch didn’t live up to Ren’s carefully curated sense of style, but it would have to do. There seemed to be greater things at stake here, than his own pride, and he wasn’t nearly so self-involved to make this event about him, as much as it grated him from his shark’s teeth to the shorthairs. He leaned back in his chair when Mei was done chastising him and felt very small in the grand scheme of things. The overbearing serving hall, the legacy of the woman on the throne, the whispers of earth-shattering conflict.

The sooner this was all over, the better it would be. For everyone. Back to drinking and kicking ne’er-do-wells out of his waters.
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