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Default The Silk Engiversary, Engi turns 12!

March 11th, 2016

Well look at us, it is a whole year later and we are still here, still alive, still talking about ninjas. It is hard to believe all that engi has been through, all that change it has seen, all the change it has caused. If you think about it, the engi of the past morphs with every passing year, and at once it stays the same.

When I first joined engi, talking about werewolves was a dirty word, trying to rebalance a list required a committee, and doing anything slightly complicated was likely to get your list spammed with pictures of an armadillo. Times were strange, but it isn't like we've suddenly become tame with age. In the meantime we've reigned in some of our systems, only to expand others. We've made it so your only choice isn't building a jounin or just crying in a puddle of your own sick. There are a variety of lists, tons of clans, and many spaces to RP in. Engi is a wild space, and with enough time and patience we can do whatever we want. Because this site is ours.

This year we raised over four thousand dollars for the site. Much of that money went to Samaru's happy home, making sure that Sam has fond memories of his time taking care of us. As part of that drive we pushed the envelope even further, and we have seen the fruit of a lot of the mechanical changes we wanted to make; Miko, Non-shinobi changes, Bijuu, Non-village clans, and more.

There are other more complicated matters that I haven't even dug into yet. The point is that you guys are doing it, and I want to stress that what makes engi survive is roleplayers. I know that sometimes you wonder what brings you back, or if you should come back, or if it is worth it, but know that everyone here is just another RPer. That feeling when your thread falls apart because someone else isn't there, that is the same feeling we have when you are gone. Engi needs every person, every RPer, every participant. Because all of you are the heart of Engi.

Okay, big speech is over. Another year, another batch of congratulation AP. This year it is 6AP for everyone. I'm trying to lower how much 'special gifts' bookkeeping we have to do, so you'll have to excuse me for not latching on anything else fancy.
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whoop whoop first

ima throw in my own funtimes and give my 6 AP out 1 at a time to the next 6 people who post since I do that like every time.

engi better still be around in three years so when I get out of prison at least I'll have that
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in lame man terms
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It is weird to think about being here for so long. It has been about ten and a half years with some length breaks here and there. There aren't many who were here when I started still around and that makes me feel old, but it is kind of a good way because the ones who have been here for awhile, man, we've all been through some stuff. So, like, a lot of us are old. And Hito is still around and predates me, so he is engi-older.

Claiming my 6 but passing on Junge's share because I have shown that I cannot be trusted with too much AP. "Why claim your six?" you ask? Because I am an addict and these are mine.

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Claiming 7 AP then, thanks Engi, thanks Merdle, thanks Junge


AP: 0
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I've pretty sure I've done my fair share of complicated registering over time and I never got no stinkin' armadillo!

Uh, you know what, on second thought maybe I'll just take that 7 AP. Much love Merd and Junge. And of course, much love to Engi. As if that'll ever change.
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Zillch, thank you very much!

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Happy Engiversary!

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Happy Birthday Engi!

Goodness, an Engiversary that I actually have an active character during, that's rare, I need to do this more often.

Thanks to Engi and all the people in it for another amazing year, you all rule! n_x

And also thankyou to Merdle and Junge for 7AP. You're both insanely kind

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I just want to share my own little personal story. I joined way back when and disappeared for a while when college consumed way too much of my life. You can't imagine how happy I was to come back years later to find people had kept this site alive so I could still enjoy it. I appreciate every single one of you who gave me something to come back to. I just want everyone to know that if I'm ever being annoying about new people, it's just in hope that future RPers can enjoy Junge's avatar spamming their post options as much as I am....

Out of my 7AP I want to donate 2 to Cayuga for always being there. Props bro, I hope to keep RPing with you In the future.

Following, I want to donate 2 to Seikon. Because dude, thank you for the open arms you welcomed me back with. Without you and our engi talks I dunno if I would've stayed. Thanks so much dude.

Lastly, I want to donate 1 to SINN for her keeping the Ninsen alive and well. anzu appreciates it!

That leaves me with 2? More than I deserve for being the part timing Y2J of the group. Thanks y'all for such an amazing site!

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


~ Mist Secondary GM [ in training :P ] ~

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Claiming the last of the 7 then, I guess. Many thanks, Junge!

Thanks from me go all round this year. Engi is a writing community unlike any other.

At first, I'll admit, years back, I was anxious to own up to RPing around my friends (hint: not any more). Many people wouldn't (and didn't) understand the freedom for creativity or the feeling of command over one's writing derived from adhering to the site's rules, guidelines and player expectations/hopes to shape successful stories, not to mention all that can be learned from being around other writers of such a high calibre.

It went to show that maybe I had the wrong friends if they didn't understand why I needed a place like Engi. Fortunately, things change, and friends, whether for a reason or a season, come and go with the flow. Engi's always been there, though, when I needed it then and now. It's changed, sure, but so have we all, and each year there's some new reason to be excited for what's in store for this sandbox of dreams.

But as it's not just mine, and would be nothing without the aforementioned players in the community, I would like to donate 2 of my AP to Nomics for being one of the most patient and unquestioning writers I've had the pleasure of working with/leaving in the lurch. Nobody's perfect.

Here's to Lucky 13, when it arrives, and so, in the immortal words of the equally immortal Thor:

*smashing crockery*


P.S. Any word on that site-wide 2AP unlock from Samtron?

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I know I havnt RPed here long but I love this place and I am so happy it has stuck through everything...Here for a 11 more!
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